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Trump slams John Legend for not helping with justice reform


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Trump also says he hasn't gotten enough credit for signing a law instituting some reforms.

While I’m not a Trump supporter, I have to give credit where credit is due. Trump has done well with prison reform and help create programs that shorten the prison sentences of many prisoners. He even made it harder for the 3 strike rule to be applied over petty crimes.

Legend responded by saying Trump is hungry for praise

This part is 100% true. Every single action he takes, he wants attention, recognition, and praise. It’s the reason people can’t see any good that he’s done is because he seeks so much attention and praise.

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In a series of tweets late Sunday and early Monday, Trump called Legend "boring." He also said Legend's wife model Chrissy Teigen as "filthy mouthed."

Mr President, your peace deal with the Taliban just blew up....

Mr President, North Korea has launched more missiles....

Mr President, more hurricane deaths are being reported in the Bahamas....

Mr President, the Senate is asking you to lead on gun control....

Trump: Hey, can't you see I'm busy here?

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Criminal Justice Reform bill...the same one, the Senate refused to bring to the floor, (Moscow Mitch) when Obama was president? Let's start there...

Now we see our crybaby president (sigh) whining because he didn't get credit for uncapping a Sharpie.

Please Lord, let this one ring circus end soon.

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Trump and justice just do not belong in the same sentence.

Unless it's a negative or interrogative, that is.

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i don't really understand what he want cuz if it attention he already got it, and when it comes to praising him i don't think anyone would do that what a childish guy

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Never liked that idiot. Wasn’t that great of a musician to begin with. Teigen is famous for what? Walking around in revealing clothes at the awards? If they don’t like the President, that’s their absolute right, but they need to look at themselves before calling someone “a piece of....!”

Please Lord, let this one ring circus end soon

Maybe in 2024 the Democrats can focus on policies and regain their mental footing once Trump is out of office, maybe have an inspiring liberal that doesn’t want to overhaul the country and turn it into a socialist nation or talk us to death about racism and political correctness or wanting to tax the country into oblivion. If so, they might have a chance, as far as getting their agendas through, they’ll be dealing with lower courts that will be conservative as well as the Supreme Court for 35-40 years, thanks, Mitch.

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Ol' Trumpy really let himself in on this one.

Couldn't let his criticism lay just on Legend, had to take a swipe at his wife Chrissy Teigen, who was not party to the original story.

And C.T. true to form just laid it bare on Trump, coz she doesn't give a rats, unlike thin-skinned Trump who just can't stand it.

The article says "....and she used crude language to describe Trump..."

Her actual words were - “lol what a py as bih. tagged everyone but me. an honor, mister president.”

Trumps in way over his coiffure.

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Did I miss something? Is John Legend an elected legislator who is able to pass legislation on criminal justice reform?

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For God's sake will this crybaby just shut up? He just slams people he doesn't even know on Twitter all day, every day. He never grew up after the 7th grade, instead of just badmouthing football teams and rock bands this is what he's doing. He grew up physically but not mentally.

Trump is a supreme example for the bullies in middle school - he's their icon because they too can reach high positions like him. Today the schoolyard, tomorrow the WH!

That little snotnose in your science class could be tomorrow's Trump - or Gadhafi.

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Trump should be slammed for helping with injustice.

Teigen is famous for what? Walking around in revealing clothes at the awards? 

You realize what the "so-called" first lady used to do, right? Hint: no other First Lady has revealing photos of themselves all over the net.

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That didn’t stop liberals from attacking him, a child. I know you were outraged about that, right?

plenty of outrage when Trump started locking up children separated from their parents at the border

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And the World Slams trump for being an Idiot!

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Teigen is or was a "model"? Really? Um, OK.

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Trump also says he hasn't gotten enough credit for signing a law instituting some reforms. The law reduced mandatory minimum sentences, among other measures.

I can understand standing up for one's self once in a while, but I am tired of Trump needing to do it on his own, so often.

I have a manager who is like Trump, everything revolves around them, anything good happens, it's because of their efforts, anything bad, it's the staff's fault, kisses up to people higher than they are, and is condescending as hell will those below. People only listen because of this persons age, but in a year or so, they will be "retired" and lose all their manager titles and become a "contract" employee.

Folks are already talking about it!

In a manner of speaking, the "talk" has already started about Trump, there is no way America can vote him in again!

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Teigen is or was a "model"? Really? Um, OK

Kim Kardashian is a model as well, go figure.

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