Turn off, tune in: theater, concert fans forced to go phone-free


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It’s a good start in our battle with the keitai zombies

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America gets the best, most innovative technology.

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Now if we can find a remedy the annoying rear seat-kicker who's having a Pele complex I'd be impressed.

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It's sad people don't have common courtesy these days and such regulations are even being considered.

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How can someone really enjoy the experience when you have all those stupid smartphones in the air? Before that all exploded, I went to shows by Peter Gabriel and Tesla (the band) where the event was  with selling 'instant' 2CD/1DVD sets on the spot. After all, the Rolling Stones have been releasing such sets from their reserves out the yinyang and Pink Floyd has been doing much the same lately. And for years after the Grateful Dead broke up there's been 2 or 3 CD sets put out all the time like 'Grateful Dead  Feb. 29, 1996 Live on Enceladus, Moon of Saturn - **Where You There?'.**

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Just what is needed. An intervention for the zombies hopelessly addicted to their dumbphones. It's a start...

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