TV commercial of the week: Calpis history


This commercial is for Calpis water which is a longtime popular lactic fermenting drink in Japan.

The commercial is a montage of Calpis commercials from 1960s. According to Calpis’s official website, the point of the commercial is for Calpis to show its appreciation to customers who have bought the product for a long time, and reaffirm its commitment to keep providing Calpis products to make customers happy — like the children smiling in the commercial.

Calpis water was first marketed in 1919, and its popularity has not diminished in 93 years.

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Calpis is good and tasty but incredibly sweat and is not a baby drink for toddlers in diaper.

I basically against using children for boosting sales (kids see this commercial will kick up a fuss for their parents to buy them Calpis and they will do it in order to mute them) and I find this business tactic unfair and even dangerous.

Sweet drinks are not very good for our health, white sugar is called silent poison. I myself like and drink Calpis and other sweet drinks, but I know the limit and can control myself. Kids, especially so young cannot and will not, and knowing how the majority of parents care about their kids here I have every reason to worry.

A big thumb down, and this commercial should be banned. It equally poses the same health hazard as smoking. Young children more and more often overweight and suffer from diabetes.

I like Calpis but down wit his commercial.

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The kids are cute, but I like the McD's commercial in which the little girl gives her grandpa some french fries and smiles when he eats them.

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Shouldn't the correct spelling be Cowpis?

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Shouldn't the correct spelling be Cowpis?

Judging by the taste of it, it should be.

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Shouldn't the correct spelling be Cowpis?

How clever. I'm sure you're the first person who has come up with that.

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lousy ad doesnt make me want to drink calpis a little more.

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calpus is seriously disgusting, leaves a horrible feeling in your throat, like mucus is stuck back there. cant be good for your health.

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Great summer drink. Don't let your J hostess make it for you. Start super weak.

Too strong and it'll make you say things like, erm... what they said above.

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I suggest: Cow-piss

is better and significant! Truly.

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