TV commercial of the week: Hikkoshizamurai


This commercial is for Hikkoshizamurai which is the website that lists house-moving costs.

In the commercial, the young woman wakes up in the morning, hearing the sound of sparrows outside her window. When she opens the curtains, she sees two strange-looking characters, making her think it's time to move out of the neighborhood.

Responses to the video on YouTube include "It's disgusting." "Who's the girl in the commercial? She is pretty." "It is a disgusting and funny commercial that makes me laugh every time I see it. This situation makes me want to move house obviously," and so on.

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This commercial is VERY disturbing and why is it the commercial of the week? Its not that new.

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This story deserves a Pulitzer.

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This happens more than one would imagine... also, it could happen in her new location....

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OMG that is some sick stuff!

Just a thought I know but wudnt it be better if one cud call the keystones & have creeps arrested, restraining orders quickly input & ENFORCED, but no the victim can MOVE, all better now...........WTF!

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I like her expression at the end of the commercial.

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I agree with plastic monkey.

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Plastic monkey nails it.

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