TV commercial of the week: Kuraray


This commercial for Kuraray which is a Japanese manufacturer of chemicals, fibers and other materials.

Japanese actress and model Riko Narumi and an alpaca called Kuraray-chan are image characters for Kuraray. The commercial shows Narumi holding rings that form the word “○○系” which means “○○ type” and asks Kuraray-chan to change into a flexible type, invisible type, sticky type and aqueous type by jumping through the rings.

In the commercial, you hear the word “Mirabakesso.” It is short for “Mirai ni bakeru shin-sozai” which means “new materials for the future.”

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Yeah. Really mature.

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The crew over at Dentsu who put this together should be canned.

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What's the point? What actually want they sell or tell to TV viewers for the big money that a TV commercial costs?

"Mirabakesso. "It is short for "Mirai ni bakeru shin-sozai"

A very short form indeed -DD. Maybe they should have payed a bit more and make the commercial a few seconds longer that could have given them time enough to tell what was in their mind.

O.K. No problem I will go and buy some chemicals, fibers and other materials. Another commercial that I can't resist.

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Reading these articles is really a Kafka-esque experience. And I mean that as a compliment.

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