TV commercial of the week: Lotte Fit's gum


Here are two new commercials for Lotte Fit's (gum). Commercials for the popular gum are famous for their unique and memorable songs and dances. The main characters of this commercial series are fashion model Nozomi Sasaki and actor Takeru Sato.

There are two new ads -- the Nozomi Sasaki version and the Takeru Sato version.

In the first one, Sasaki plays with Japanese celebrity, ichthyologist and illustrator Sakana-kun, and comedian Naomi Watanabe in aquarium. In the other version, Sato plays with famous ballerina Tamiyo Kusakari and comedian Watanabe.

Besides the song and dance routine, be sure to check out Watanabe's costume at the end.

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I prefer the one with tsubasa and the 2 white girls, although they are really playing that one too much recently. tsubasa is cute.

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wait! damn, too early in the morning mistaken the brand. The one I was talking about is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vyH7GINouQ

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These two Fit's commercials have been around a bit - seems like they were always on earlier in the summer. I always like them though.

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They play this annoying tune at station platform kiosks. Say Lotte, give us a break? please?

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neojamal: they play anything excessively in this country. repeat repeat repeat. I still remember Ponyo song and what about the yododbashi / bigcamera songs (althought those are in the shops) songs.

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Hey, Ghibli soundtracks and Camera chain jingles are national icons, you take that back!

and yeah, Japan doesn't know the meaning of 'market saturation'. Just like that annoying AKB song Flying Get which stalks both the young and old day and night.

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When did badly sung music become cute?

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Asinine. Infantile.

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"Commercials for the popular gum are famous"

Famously stupid.

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Nozomi has nice legs and a unique Japanese look I think, but I have read she is a bear to work with.

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Glad to hear that they are unique, surely commercial ever made is unqiue in some form.

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Still love it, ha!

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"Fit". Ha! I'd like to see them try and sell this in Norway.

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the guy looks like a total moron, but the girl's a beauty. and anyway, i won't buy the gum, no matter what

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Pretty dodgy English in this article. "Plays with"? And I think it's "Tamiyo" Kusakari not "Tamio".

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Commercials for the popular gum are famous for their unique and memorable songs and dances.

No they aren't. They're not famous at all. Unless the word famous has a new definition of "irritating and formulaic". And "unique and memorable" is redefined as "facile and childish". And "songs and dances" now means "babyish capering like on almost every other commercial".

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I was gonna say they finally got rid of that damn sheboy from the commercials........then I saw the second version.

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The Nozomi Sasaki one is way better than the Takeru Sato one.

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