TV commercial of the week: Zacrich ice cream


This week’s TV commercial is for ice cream brand Zacrich from Lotte which is a well-known producer of sweets and ice cream. Zacrich is vanilla ice cream with chocolate puff coating in a crunchy cone.

Seven pretty girls called Zacrich Girls — Risa Yoshiki, Anri Sugihara, Rola Chen, Kana Tsugihara, Sayaka Kato, Ayaka Noda and Nanoka wear sexy costumes shaped like Zacrich.

At the end of the commercial, the girls say “Please take a big bite.”

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Please take a big bite.

There is nothing sexy about cannibalism.

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Yet another CM obviously narrated by foreigner with a poor handle on the language. Why do they think this is so funny? I can see why a guy with an Italian accent is used to sell pizzas, but I don't see the relevance here...

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Seven pretty girls called Zacrich Girls

I could take a bite only if they were seven pretty men called Zacrich Men

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its stupid...! I LOVE IT!

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LOL...."Zacrich" just sounds so appetizing! I'm sure it's good, though--just like Crunky Ball Nude.

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What the heck is "Zacrich"?????????????

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I like the close-up of the girl's mouth as she prepares to take a big bite!

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Ah well. Sex sells. Would not be quite the same if they were men instead...

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Sounds yummmmmmy.

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Foreign with an incredibly annoying accent narrating in Japanese - sounds like the dreamjob for anyone just off the boat. If somebody would use a Japanese or a Chinese to narrate the same way in English, it would become rasist in notime: "Feeding the 'Asians can't speak English' stereotype".

My ears are bleeding ever since I saw this on TV... BTW... If a Japanese would speak to me on the phone without first knowing me, he/she would not guess I'm a foreigner...

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Creative commercial. Don't see this type of ad in America too much at all. Fascinating.....

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