TV operators seek silver bullet to fight online rivals


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Some executives like Discovery’s CEO David Zaslav argue that streaming services are eating the lunch of traditional TV firms and question the model of handing over too much content at too low a price.

In other words their greed is what is holding them back.

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TV stations should have LONG ago seen the writing on the wall, they are not much different than music & we all know what happened there.

The days of traditional TV stations are numbered! Their power will decline & we will see a lot of them disappear & eventually new online services that will sink or swim simple as that, traditional TV is on its way out

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The sooner free-to-air dies, at least in its current form, the better. Absolute dross.

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Whatever the 'online rivals' have, it has become THEIR market. TV operators need to fight other TV operators for market share.

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Blockbuster was the first to fall many years ago to Netflix and inexpensive DVDs. The networks are holding on to the same sinking ship.

Apple is promising to sweep the networks up in the whole internet TV craze with the new AppleTV and a yet to come subscription service, but the networks are still holding out. Offering piecemeal TV like CBS will not work. People will not pay al a carte. If the networks wait too long to join an Apple type service, they will become as irrelevant as Blockbuster.

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If the quality of programming was raised above "unwatchable crap," I bet things would improve...

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"The major legacy television companies are struggling to find the formula to stem the loss of customers to Internet rivals like Netflix, Amazon and others."

Sound familiar? Years ago it was...

"The major legacy newspaper companies are struggling to find the formula to stem the loss of customers to Internet news sites and even twitter."

Most companies are approached by their own demise if they fail to meet progress. It's a changing world. They have to adapt to survive and people TiVo everything or watch when they want online. Appointment viewing is going the way of print journalism. Only live sporting events and those rare TV dramas can still hold people's attention.

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ISPs could just scrap net neutrality and favor some streaming services while suffering unexpected technical problems when the user wants to watch rival tv station. Comcast has done so and it isn't the only one. Problem solved.

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$165/month that's why we dumped CATV.

Replaced by one-time-cost-including-installation $100 attic antenna that gets 65+ channels. $10/month for netflix DVDs (for older movies) $8.50/month for amazon prime and we are spending $130+ less every month and having greater enjoyment.

No commercials. The antenna was actually a home-built M4 for $20, you can buy one for $60 and have it installed.

Saving every month.

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As usual, American giant corporates seek unfair advantages to protect their profit margins, whether by unfair patent or copyright use, introduction of technological means to preserve unfair market conditions (e.g. the region lock) or, in this case, attempting to hobble an emergng industry through legal means.

Until companies like Time Warner realise that the old days where the company could have a stranglehold on production and distribution are dead and gone and that they need to compete rather than try to kill the new tech that will eventually kill them, the people that will suffer will be us, the consumers.

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Tv stations hey hey GOOD BYE!

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It seems Netflix and its brethren already proved they can make viable productions themselves, I will not mourn the disappearance of WB. They certainly have had enough time to get on with the times, but have wasted most of it fighting the symptoms of the new era. Rest in Piece, now move out of the way.

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I thought everyone watched cable anyway.

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No David, that would be "XBMC" or "Kodi". Google is your friend.

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