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TV presenter Mao Kobayashi, battling cancer, discharged from hospital


Popular TV presenter Mao Kobayashi, 34, currently waging a highly-publicized battle against breast cancer, has been discharged from hospital, she said on her blog.

Kobayashi, wife of Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ebizo, 39, returned home on Sunday and informed her fans on her blog: “Kokoro” (heart). The title of the blog entry read “Discharged!” In the opening passage, Kobayashi thanked her fans and readers for their continuous support, especially those also battling cancer, by writing, “Thank you very much for taking photos and videos of your progress for me, experiencing the same enzyme bath as I did, sending me information, encouragement, prayers and sympathy...I am filled with gratitude.”

She then wrote, “I came home from the hospital today!” On Saturday, Kobayashi wrote an entry titled “Nutrition,” and merely revealed that her discharge date had been decided but didn't say it was Sunday.

She said: “During my hospitalization, I felt like I hit rock bottom and became gravely discouraged. However, through writing this blog, I became inspired by confidence.”

She said her biggest support was her family. After returning home, Kobayashi’s 5-year-old daughter Reika and 3-year-old son Kangen presented their mother with a “hospital discharge gift.” This heartwarming scene was captured in a photo and is attached to her blog announcement.

The news that Kobayashi had cancer took her fans by surprise last year. Rumors had been swirling about her health since Ebizo wrote on his blog on May 2 last year that she was ill and because she has not been seen in public for about a year. So Ebizo held a news conference, and confirmed that his wife was receiving medical treatment for a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer that was first diagnosed 20 months early after several tests.

During her hospitalization, Kobayashi wrote regularly on her blog about having undergone chemotherapy and that she has good days and bad days.

She wrote of the emotional pain she was suffering because she could not be with her children who do not understand what cancer is and why she was in hospital.

Kobayashi has been in and out of hospital since last summer. This latest stay was one of her longest, from Dec 20 until Sunday.

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But was she discharged because the cancer is in remission, or was she discharged because there's not much else they could do for her?

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I think its just a small break? I see other news outlets reporting she is still 闘病中 (toubyouchuu) meaning still battling her cancer.

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Governments should put money to curing cancer and not arming themselves for wars.

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It doesn't sound hopeful but good luck to her. Miracles can happen.

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But was she discharged because the cancer is in remission, or was she discharged because there's not much else they could do for her?

My sister has stage 4 breast cancer too. At that stage it doesn't go away so you can't be cured (hopefully someday that'll change), you just get constant treatments to keep it from spreading (which can turn it terminal) Not sure what Kobayashi was in for, but likely something along those lines. The article doesn't say but my guess is that she isn't cured, but isn't terminal either at this stage.

Its a really horrible thing to deal, especially at such a young age, I really feel for her and her family.

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Feel sorry for her. As a cancer caregiver, I recommend a holistic approach for cancer patients: Major change in lifestyle and attitude needed in addition to double-edged sword chemotherapy treatments. Basic principles and areas of focus are:

Drink lots of clean and active water that contains selenium, potassium, magnesium, etc Consume lots of green leafy vegetables & fruits that are alkaline & bitter in nature Do lots of different deep breathing exercises; while walking, sitting, lying down; Chinese qigong is good Get direct morning sun with consumption of vitamin D3, other supplements like Japanese seaweed Fucoidan is useful Walk at about 5km a day in gardens or forested area, where there is lots of negative ions, with thick clothing to ensure perspiration, while breathing deeply Smile, laugh, be thankful with an appreciative heart; look at the good, happy, loving side; a merry heart does good like a medicine Trust God (read the Bible and pray), for whatever outcome but go about with best efforts to build a healthy, fit body and mind. Cancers have claimed many lives and chemo treatments can be torturous; a comprehensive holistic approach is highly recommended to fight and overcome.
-2 ( +2 / -4 )

Trust god

Which one ?

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The most important thing with cancer (and any other grave illness) is empathy and support, from anybody who can give it to you. This woman is fantastic, that even in her precarious condition she can be an inspiration to others who are afflicted. Thank you, Mao.

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