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TV station pulls Korean drama over island dispute


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"BS Nippon"? Um, any comment would be superfluous.

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The team led by singer Kim Jang-Hoon completed the swim to mark South Korea’s Liberation Day, which commemorates the 1945 end of Japan’s occupation of the peninsula.

It appears that this doofus had a severe panic attack.


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Is the station reacting to feedback, trying to circumvent critics or making a political statement? My own thought is that Japan should hold it's head high and show other countries how to behave.

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paulinusa, I think the fact that they decided to show different drama, but one that is still Korean, shows that they are keeping a level head.

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Somehow I don't think the South Koreans really give a damn about this, but I'm sure you just PISSED OFF a whole bunch of Japanese housewives!

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That is good news. One less cliched, sappy Korean melodrama off the air isn't a bad thing.

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In the end, money talks. SK can keep on blustering about the islands, but sooner or later, the studio heads will talk to their people in the SK government and let them know they are loosing a key market in Japan, and the talk will settle down.

Don't believe that it will happen, read about the remake of the 1980's US movie "Red Dawn." It was redone using the Chinese vice USSR as the attackers, but due to the studios wanting to make money by showing it in China, which the government wouldn't allow since it depicted them negatively, the antagonist was changed from Chinese to NK.

If Japan wants to end this issue, just keep pulling SK programs, and pretty soon, things will quiet down.

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I'm going to miss Shoujo Jidai...

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Now you have enraged Japanese housewives, all hell will break loose now.

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This is definitely seen as an act of war...

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Can we pull of the k-pop boys bands too while we're at it?...pretty please?

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Hopefully more groups take up similar action and cut back on this Korean wave. If the general population of Japan knew how much the general population of Korea hates their guts, perhaps they wouldn't be idolizing them and their dramas/music so much.

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Mud slinging never helps a cause. It only incites hatred.

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BS Nippon stooping down to the same level as the Korean nutcases? Sad.

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There are probably a few S. Korean male singers that worry they may lose their female Japanese audience.

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So the station is pulling a Korean drama over the island issue and replacing it with... a Korean drama? Only in Japan!

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Is this a part of the actual never ending Korean drama with Japan? Stay tune for more to come..

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Good move. By not pulling all Korean dramas they have shown common sense.

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nigelboyAug. 16, 2012 - 07:22AM JST

It appears that this doofus had a severe panic attack.


And smith was telling me I would be wrong about those idiots getting in over their heads... It's just 5km a head, and that guy probably didn't even do more than 1km anyway. I guess the "A team of South Koreans reached the islands on Wednesday, finishing a 220-kilometer relay swim from the east coast" statement was falsely spoken if the team never made it past the panic attack nutcase.

They can protest all they want, but trying to kill yourself is not a form of protest, it's a form of stupidity.

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Korea keeps this up and their billions of dollars a year worth of media exports to Japan like K-pop and these k-drama will not be watched, bought, or imported by the Japanese. And who else importantly this Korea media.... No one. At least not to ther degree Japan does. Many times some of these kpop bands sell more CDs in Japan than Korea. You really think if polls keep coming out that say Koreans HATE the Japanese more the the communist Norht Koreans and the enviroment/human rights destroying Chinese Japan is just going to keep falling goo goo gaa gaa over K-media. We get it! Japan effed you over in the war. Guess what? Japan didn't treat western countries any better. Nor did Germany. The west has moved on. Why can't china and Korea grow the effff up and stop hating on Japan. They are so far removed from the militarized nationalistic country they used to be it isn't even funny. Are there still some stubborn old geezers on capital hill. Yeah a few. But they are so old and stubborn they probably still believe the old Japanese reports that you shouldn't drink water in ther heat cause it will make you sweat.

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@ Robert Dykes: Good post!

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Well I guess at least some good has come from this ridiculous dispute.

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@ Robert Dykes: well said about the west moving on, SK needs to move on too and be civilized with whatever claim they hv on the islands, go to ICJ and be brave if you think you are right with your evidence.

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This territorial escalation involving Japan, China, Korea, Russia contains more drama than any hallyu soap can offer.

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If only SMAP could swim somewhere...

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Judging by the article, the drama is already sold to the japanese tv station. I don't see any crying because of this pulling off. The korean drama team got paid and japanese tv station decided to hold broadcasting of it in its own. alas, only the housewives would cry over this sudden decision.

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"Pulling the TV drama, eh!"

By Jove, that'll teach 'em!

Nothing like a bit of strong action to show who's boss!

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My wife is Japanese, and I can tell you she IS PISSED OFF! She has never liked any of these South Korean soap operas, they always look so old, so fake, so dasai?? Dorky?? So my Japanese wife can not even understand what all these Japanese obaasans are so excited about with K dramas, K pop etc..but all of this is just very, very stupid! Everybody wants to make $$$$ and by invading some rocks out in the middle of the water?? The Koreans will only piss off many, many JAPANESE who will just stop going to Korean BBQ restaurants, stop shopping in Ogikubu etc...and then let us see what the zainichi Koreans will say when $$$$ stops flowing in??

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Throw this crap in the trash, do a great job for us.

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Causes me chills when I watch Korean drama, no thanks!

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Woohoo - our only issue now is how we get stars from EVERY K-Pop drama and band to take turns swimming to Takeshima. Perhaps sponsor a relay or something?

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China and ROK should stop doing business with Japan. I think both countries can sell their products and services elsewhere. Especially in the Americas, more foodstuff, electronics, drygoods etc. we need more K Dramas and K Pop please.

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China and ROK should stop doing business with Japan. I think both countries can sell their products and services elsewhere.

You're joking, right?

It's hard to find anything that isn't made in China or ROK these days.

But I'm curious.

What Chinese and Korean "services" are you referring to?

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@ B W

I'm talking about Business.

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really? BS Nippon Corporation?

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