Twitter announces crackdown after online abuse of 'Ghostbusters' actor


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Among those banned Tuesday was Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos

True colours shining through.

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What happens when thin-skinned movie stars meet professional trolls

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So Twitter can crack down on insensitive comments but active recruitment for terrorist organizations with intent to kill an indiscriminate amount of innocent lives is apparently OK. Why doesn't anyone do anything about that?!

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True colours shining through.

Not so much shining through as seeping wetly through the bandages.

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Ironically Yiannopolis had done nothing more than criticize her for perpetuating racist Hollywood portrayals of blacks.

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What a truly awful bunch of people. What miserable lives they must live to get off on racially abusing people more successful than themselves

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Don't know about Twitter but can't any troll make an account? I mean they get suspended but can't they just go and create a new account?

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Knew there was a reason I wasn't on Twitter.

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I watched this unfold in real time. It was a horrifying spectacle. The motivation behind these MRA trolls is to frighten women, people of color and LGBTQIA people-- ironic given who started this debacle, but recognizing irony (or reality) is never a strong point for these characters--- into silence by making them afraid for their lives. Hence the threats and postings of real world addresses. Then when their abuses come to light and they find out there are consequences and limits they start crying about "free speech" and how they are the ones being silenced and "victimized." Wait a month and they'll do it again, this time with a different target and it will be exactly the same.

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The downside of Twitter outweighs the few things it could be useful for. Encourages losers to be losers as there are no consequences. not sure they can suspend or ban people - they just open new accounts, no?

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That's true. This is kind of a case of "They picked on the wrong person this time" rather than a triumph against bullying. There are a number of users quite rightly tweeting, "Hey, what about all those times I screen-capped death and rape threats and photos of my apartment building and complained ever since these Gamergate guys flooded this place? None of that counted for anything?"

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I watched this unfold in real time. It was a horrifying spectacle. The motivation behind these MRA trolls is to frighten women, people of color and LGBTQIA people-- ironic given who started this debacle

False - The conversation started out innocently enough with people doing nothing more than slamming the movie and Jones's performance (which was panned for perpetuating racist stereotypes of blacks)

SHE incited the following backlash by responding violently to almost each and every critical person, including some who were actually defending her. She chose to engage not only the legitimate critics but the racist ones as well. Its the same old story Don't like putting yourself out there and allowing anyone to communicate with you? change the settings, ignore the trolls, or leave the app.

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Tweets are for twits and twats, and the twerps that run twitter can go twist their twinkies.

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Yeah, whatever. It's all screen capped and preserved for the Twittet Hall of Shame, including the fake tweets these guys posted that made her think her account had been hacked.

But you know, go ahead and pretend she should have just chuckled and tweeted "Boys will be boys" when they said she was going to be a shoo-in to play Harambe in her next movie. After all, what was she thinking after all when she deliberately courted male outrage by acting in a Ghostbusters remake? Or simply being a woman of color online these days?

And other women targeted by people like these MRA bullies should just shut up and let them have their way with their death threats and posting actual addresses and then none of this would have to happen, huh? "If only you hadn't talked back I wouldn't have to beat you harder" is typical MRA logic. This is exactly my point-- everyone is supposed to shut up and fear these guys while they act with impunity and drag all discourse down to their level.

Letting bullies control the field has always been bad advice and it's terrible advice in the face of this guy's so-called culture war. He started the fight here and he lost it. She did nothing wrong and they did everything wrong and no amount of your victim-blaming will change that.

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Nope, wrong again. All she accomplished in embarrassing herself online was to manage to get one of her legitimate critics Milo Yiannopolis. a proud GAY man, suspended from Twitter. Guess I just blew your mind...

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Got to love free speech huh?

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Twitter - ignore it and dont participate in it. dumbed down nonsense.

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Milo Yiannopolis did not lead the abuse. All he did was post a review critical of Jones' new movie. Was it a mean=spirited review? Yes, but it was a G_d awful movie.

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I get that Twitter is a private company and it has every right to ban who it wishes, but in the name of freedom of speech this is just absurd. Also, once I read that Lena Dunham had to quit Twitter because it wasn't a "safe space" I literally guffawed. Whatever happened to sticks & stones? I was overweight as a child and was horribly teased and bullied. And you know what all that did? It motivated me to change my habits and to become a better person. I wouldn't want my child to endure it either, but people have to realize, especially in this digital age that trolls are out there. If you cannot handle what some idiot over the internet has to say about you, then perhaps you are better off not using the internet and staying in your safe little room sucking your thumb.

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