Two-timing Shun Shioya reportedly proposed to one of his celebrity girlfriends


Actor Shun Shioya, 29, who hit headlines for cheating last week, has reportedly asked one of his girlfriends to marry him.

Shioya caused a stir after it was discovered that he was dating model Ai Tominaga, 29, and celebrity chef Makie Sonoyama at the same time, Sports Nipppn reported. Tominaga, whom he had been dating since March, appeared on TV in late April and said, "It's unforgivable to discuss marriage with two women at the same time."

Sonoyama reportedly read about his two-timing in a gossip rag first, and Tominaga then found out later through an acquaintance.

What had not been revealed at the time, however, was that Shioya had allegedly proposed to Tominaga on April 16 after the pair were seen dining together at a yakiniku restaurant in Tokyo's Suginami Ward, Sports Nippon said.

Sonoyama and Tominaga are reportedly friends and have spoken about Shioya's deception. Tominaga told reporters she had been hurt initially, but then added “I’m okay now. I’ve had enough of love.”

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I caught just a bit of this on the telly the other day while at work. I asked my co-workers what was going on, why was he crying? My co-workers told me because he was called out on his affairs. But why was he crying?!! The girls I can understand crying but why should he cry? My co-workers said that's to show how sorry he is. HA! That's crock. Cry while apologizing to show you are sincere. I don't know. He ought to have told the press to screw themselves and spoken to the gals instead of offering his apologies through the press. Oh well, that's the norm for celebrities, I guess.

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This superb piece of investigative journalism seems to have left out details about the presence of the young man's alleged personal psychic at the scene of the alleged proposal...

Anyway, the guy's a dolt and both women are better off without him, I'm sure!

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Maybe he wanted his very own harem?

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Dating two women at the same time? If this is news, some of you need to get out more. Dating is dating.

The writing is pretty unclear, but I guess he confessed to discussing marriage with two women at the same time? I don't get it. If he proposed to only one, that's ok. Proposing to both would be out of the question. Which did he do?

Anyone remember those stories of the old days where multiple suitors would show up and try to get chosen by a woman as a husband? They would get to be alone and essentially have mini-dates with her. They would discuss marriage. Then she would choose one of them. Whats the difference? Dating is dating.

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This could all be summed up as: "young, popular, attractive 20-something-year-old unmarried actor found to be dating two women while deciding on which one he wants to marry."

I honestly don't see why it's a surprise or big deal.

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The "dating" is not the issue here, the "proposing" is. "Proposing" is a pretty darn big thing for young ladies in this country, and if you ever have been in social company or watched TV shows, you must have noticed how they go on forever and ever of how someone proposed to them.

Proposing to two at the same time is a huge no-no, and frankly I don´t see how anyone in his right mind would do that. The guy is clearly a nutcase.

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The guy is an idiot. But let'e be honest, so are the women who were dating him. Ai started dating him in March and she thinks this guy is going to go and marry her after a month? Friends? I thought friends knew about each other's relationships. Ai is pissed off because she looks like a fool after going on and on about their relationship on a TV show a few weeks ago.

The guy is a dog. No doubt about it but what muppet thinks a 20 something, up and coming actor is going to marry her within a few weeks of meeting? If anything, Sonoyama got burned.

That being said, have you guys seen pics of these women? Polar opposites. I also think he's made enemies in the industry and no one usually cares about such affairs. He's pissed someone off for this to be getting the coverage it is.

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That being said, have you guys seen pics of these women? Polar opposites.

Variety is the spice of life, but men are expected to subsist on plain porridge.

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Proposing to two at the same time is a huge no-no,

Despite my earlier post where I did not understand what he did, in fact, the headline says he only proposed to one.

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If you're gonna cheat, don't get married! That's what got Tiger Woods! Not all dating are exclusives!

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Man, who said anything about expecting porridge? You're being rather shallow on this all. Variety IS the spice of life but how about being upfront and honest as well? If he wasn't ready to settle down he shouldn't have made it seem that he was, let alone suggest that he wasn't seeing anyone else. Indeed dating is dating as long as the other person knows they aren't the only person you're seeing.

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The whole thing is way out of proportion. Way too much TV time being wasted on this. It is alleged that he "discussed marriage" to both women, not necessarily a real proposal. The two people who will know the real truth are now rid of the problem, so we can all move on. Of course, anyone who thinks marriage is a good idea after a month of dating (Tominaga) or even two months (Sonoyama) is probably asking for trouble.

As for crying BEFORE talking to the media mob - nice try, but you fooled absolutely no0one except yourself Shioya - most press and TV are ridiculing you. Maybe this episode will help you grow up a bit?

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If I had to choose I'd go for Ai. Cool look.

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God, I love celebrities.

Side not: Team Tominaga!

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Tmarie, I am not being shallow, but you are being presumptive. You presume he would have kept the other girl if his offer of marriage had been accepted, or if he got married. Why?

As for honesty, I learned long ago that that is the road to unhappiness. Our bodies are our bodies, both men and women, but our lovers don't want to hear it. The day I become honest again is the day most people around me can accept the truth and the fact that my body is my body and I will share it with whom I want. I will have the friends I want. Jealousy does not figure into the equation for me, nor should it for others. Jealousy is nothing but ugly. And my heart will not be caged like a bird.

Indeed dating is dating as long as the other person knows they aren't the only person you're seeing.

That is the path to lonliness. No one should ever assume they are the only one, and if they do, it reflects on the fact that they won't tolerate anything but outright ownership of the person they are dating.

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I'm not presuming anything. I agree that one can date around - just make sure the others know. Not because of wanting to control anything but for me it is more about looking after my sexual health. STDs are gifts that keep giving and if you are under the assumption that someone is clean and not sleeping with anyone else, you could be in for a surprise.

No one ever should assume and they should ask. It seems he may have said they were exclusive - I mean really, do you talk to two women about marriage? - which is why there is an issue. Nothing wrong with dating around. Just let others know you are. Then they can decide if they want to stay with the person or not. The guy went about it in a very disgusting way which is why he's getting killed by the media.

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I'm not presuming anything.

You clearly presumed he would keep the other girl after marriage.

Not because of wanting to control anything but for me it is more about looking after my sexual health.

Insist on a condom. Also, don't date flakes. A flake might be monogamous now, but who knows who he slept with before you. I never sleep with random women, I avoid one-night stands, and I date for long periods. Its why I have never had an STD. Smarter than insisting on monogamy is questioning your man to check and see if he is a flake, because a flake might be doing what you want now, but fail you in the future at some bar in Roppongi one drunken night.

I mean really, do you talk to two women about marriage?

Define "talk about marriage". Talking is fine. Proposing is different. Headline says he proposed to only one.

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I did? News to me as I can promise you I didn't. Very few females would be such doormats anyway.

YOu can state to insist on condoms but people who are in long term relationships often assume they are exclusive so some don't bother. I 100% agree with you on that but this is Japan. Not a lot of ed of sexual health and the like.

You're defending a dick who is being hung out to dry. You're being very shallow about a person's "right" to sleep around. Like I said, by all means go for but let the other person know. Talking abour marriage gives people the idea that they are exclusive. If you can't understand that, no point in discussing anything further.

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The tall one with the small features is dazzling. The other one I thought at first was a Filipino, until I turned the sound up on the tube.

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the girls are the dumb ones being a celebrity they were 2 timed. the dude actually got away

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the girls are the dumb ones

The dumb ones are the ones who think they know exactly what is going on here. Both girls could be feigning ignornance of the other for the sake of their reputations. Then again this whole drama could have been dreamed up.

Further, ignorance of facts is not dumb. Thinking it is however, is.

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