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U.S. fans gorge on 'Hunger Games,' vying for record


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Lots of tween and teen girls are watching this. Expect $300 million gross worldwide this weekend.

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"Panem, a fictional land born of the ashes of a ruined North America"

If Obama gets a second term, this may not be fictional.

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Any idea on when this is coming to Japan?

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Loved Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone. I suspect there won't be too many years before she's picking up an Oscar for her acting.

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I watched a free screening of this yesterday evening and really enjoyed it. I haven't read any of the books, but now I'm go about doing some read up on the trilogy :)

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Like "Battle Royale"

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stop. The trilogy is vapid junk. First book okay, but it's all downhill from there. Page 202 in book three will make you say "oh for pete's sake..." if you even make it that far...

You actually read the thoughts of the main character Katriss and it's nothing pretty. Don't do it. I regret it. Fashion + Mad Max. Uggghhhh....

The movie by its nature will not be able to deliver 1/100 of the vapid nature of the characters. Thus improving it immensely

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Also many major elements that were annoying in the books was removed from the movie, also improving it

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Movies then yes. Books please no. You have been warned

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I remember back in 2000 when I saw Battle Royale in Japan. I thought to myself.... they will never release a violent movie in the US with young teenagers being forced to kill each other in a survival game. Seems like times have changed.

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I remember back in 2000 when I saw Battle Royale in Japan. I thought to myself.... they will never release a violent movie in the US with young teenagers being forced to kill each other in a survival game. Seems like times have changed.

I still think Battle Royale was much more provocative than Hunger Games, yes they were both set in alternative universes, but Battle Royale was simply set in a Japan which had suffered a huge economic collapse, the Hunger Games' setting is much more sci-fi and removed from what America is like today. The teenagers in BR in their school uniforms flailing about on the island, panicking, being told they have to kill each other is alot more shocking than the HG premise, which is about teens being trained in this very different post apocalyptic America (where people seem to have dress either like 1940s milkmaids or a character from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory) for a reality show where they have to fight to the death, it's comfortably removed enough from reality to not feel threatning, whereas BR felt more immediate, real and disturbing.

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The movie has been made "acceptable" so not to shock American audiences. It has become a mere "entertainment" instead of a warning. We all are capable of doing the most horrible things. Killing is killing and one form is not any more acceptable than other. Whether it is lopping off heads with a katana or turning the key to launch weapons on your foe. We like to fool ourselves that our motivations are pure therefore what we do is correct. Do we ever do anything for the right reasons? Well that is my take on it. I think we as a people need to be shocked with the brutal nature of ourselves.

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I can't think of an American remake of a classic Japanese film that has turned out well or carried the spirit of the Japanese original. So, whether you like Hunger Games or not, at least it should keep Hollywood from producing a butchered version of Battle Royale.

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My earlier statement was more about the timing of this movie instead of comparing the two films. When Battle Royale was released in Japan, there was a lot of bad things happening in the US as far as deadly school violence is concerned, such as the Columbine Massacre back in 1999. I doubt if any US movie studio would have made such a movie like this during that period. Could you imagine the Outcry of a film about kids hunting down each other?

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Like "Lord of the Flies" mixed with futuristic "1984." While "Battle Royale" is more in present times. The movie was toned down to be PG-13 (so the tweens who are already reading the books in middle school could more easily watch it) and, as usual with book-to-movie adaptations, stuff had to be cut out to fit around 2.5 hours. Plus some other changes.

Theaters were not as crowded as other midnight debut blockbusters (it's 7th overall), though it's tops for a non-sequel movie.


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Just another tween movie and the sequel been approved already. IE, not interested.

But the new "Underworld" movie looks promising.

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Said that the new Johnny Depp movie "Dark Shadow" looks like fun, way more than 'Titanic 3D" or "SW 3D".

Also looking forward to "Brave" as the "Big Yin" voices a character and most of the voice-cast is scottish too. Met the "Big Yin" at a party.

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