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U.S. soul singer Candice Glover wins 'American Idol'


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Good job I wasn't following it on Japanese TV as its several weeks behind. What a spoiler !

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I think putting the winer's name in the title as JT have done here, is a very poor decision.

As AManInJapan says, not everyone who visits this website is in the US, or has access to US TV in real time. Some of us are actually in Japan - today and tomorrow too.

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Ever heard the term SPOILER ALERT JT?

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What would your suggestion for a headline be?

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Thanks for ruining AI. I've been avoiding the weekly results for months now and the surprise was spoiled on the JT top page - in the title!

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Headlines don't have spoiler alerts.

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What would your suggestion for a headline be?

Really, Mod? Well, it's been a hard week for me too.

How about something like, " Gripping American Idol finale almost 'too close to call' ".

And you could take the winner's name out of the first line, too, so that it doesn't appear unless you click on the article.

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Yeah that sucks JT. I have been enjoying this show and would not have read it if you didn't blurt out the results in the first couple of lines. Now I'm screwed, I know but how can I shut up and not tell the wife who also hase been right into seeing who is going etc. There are still 3 contestants being aired on cable here.


Really, this season has some of the greatest voices. However the judges apart from Keith are not very informative, bring back Simon and people who actually can put a bit of backbone into the judging. I mean "Like your legs, leather pants ensemble" etc is crap and Randy's everlasting "Shes in it to win it" is quite an obvious statement at this stage.

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Yeah,, bit disappointed to see this.. the wife quite likes the show and I have ended up following too...

There are two issues.. one.. it isn't really news.. something more subtle would have been nice headline wise... And secondly.. when is Television going to be available world wide with-in just a day or two??... the technology exists..it could be done.

These production companies want to make money... well give all your premiere networks the first slot.. next day online worldwide, decent price, fast servers start making money again.

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I was going to watch Fox 5 news last night. Because it it began 10:07, I could see last 7 min. of American Idol. Alsso her singing! Glad JT made this article. JT does not forget Japanese speaking USA residents Headline was OK. There are people who use both languages. Maybe headlines in Japanese so that non-Japanese language user English oriented people can't understand what are contents of all the articles? .

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This morning, CBS 8 news showed her singing telling us that it took so many years for a female singer won. Someone suggested to JT to change headlines. Maybe JT will have Japanese headlines with Japanese writings? It is OK with people like me who are Japanese language users and also can use English,

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toshiko: This is an English language site. If you want Japanese headlines why wouldn't you just go to a Japanese site?

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INo, I have a big mouth as a Japanese. I don;t want Japanese comment writers get hear attack or seizure.

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Is there a Japanese language site? Maybe I will just read so that no one knows my age.

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Surely JT are... a) aware that there's a significant delay in when episodes are aired, and b) that having the headline that they chose would be a huge spoiler for a helluva lot of people.

That as a given, the headline as is, is either a middle finger to all watching American Idol... Or immense stupidity. Either way, disappointing work there JT.

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We who live in USA omits ineffective local newspapers and read JT. We are bilingual. Thanks to JT, I get more info in everything thoroughly. BTW, is there Japanese language version of JT?

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I also want to thank JT for spoiling the result. I watch this on Fox Japan so my wife can see the Japanese subs, and avoided American news sites purposely, but even they try not to spoil it by using headlines like "American Idol crowns a new winner". Thanks again for the spoiler!

At least I didn't care much about the finalists this time. They are talented but extremely predictable and boring. Amber was the best for me but it is hard for a skinny girl to get votes in America.

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I'm in agreement with everyone else who is disappointed at this massive spoiler. I've been intentionally avoiding overseas websites that publish the results of AI. Bad form!

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American Idol sucks. The few times I have seen it I found the judges to be obnoxious or dumb, the contestants to lack any self-awareness and, in many cases, any talent and the overall concept to be lame. Sorry JT ruined it for all you ardent fans though.

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AKBfan: "....the contestants to lack any self-awareness and, in many cases, any talent and the overall concept to be lame."

Ah, the irony of this coming from an AKB fan. Awesome!

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