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U.N. rights body in Japan to investigate entertainment industry abuse


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When Ryuchell was found dead in their talent agency's office this month, we did not hear anything about it on JT until today (pathetic!). The news was hidden in an article about a suicide hotline with a brief mention of Ryuchell's death.

The important question:

Out of all the possible places in Japan, why would Ryuchell choose their talent agency's office to commit suicide?

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A delegation of the U.N. Human Rights Council will investigate abuse in Japan's entertainment industry, starting this week and lasting until early August

"How dare these uncomprehending foreigners investigate the unique entertainment industry in Japan. What's it like in other countries?"

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We all knew no-one in the power club in Japan was going to investigate anything so at least someone is! Quick where is the dust pan and brush so they can sweep it under the carpet once the investigation is completed?!

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Why not let Japan deal with it?

Maybe because in all these years, Japan has just swept it under the carpet.

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Why not let Japan deal with it?

Abuse? Japan, so many of it labor abuse, domestic abuse, kids abuse, the list on and on.

Why UN only focus entertainment industry abuse? Is it because it's cool?

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Japans problem, Japan has dealt with it how they felt fit.

A predictable response predicted by "How dare these uncomprehending foreigners investigate the unique entertainment industry in Japan."

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Nice little trip for this delegation, can't wait for their press-conference on Aug. 4th.

Shame they can't turn their attention to the gigantic abuses going on in Russia, North Korea, China, Myanmar and the hellholes of the child-porn industries of South-East Asian countries, but then they wouldn't even be allowed entry to all of these vile despicable places.....

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Casting couch etc goes on in entertainment industries world wide.

BBC brought the spotlight on Japan... wouldn't be wrong for the UN to investigate the UK's corrupt police, or the US' for-profit private prison system, or the chaos in Libya, the situation in Iraq...

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U.N. rights body in Japan to investigate entertainment industry abuse

The UN needs to investigate a 1st world country’s entertainment industry?

Defund the UN now! Next they’ll wanna investigate New Zealand's apple industry. Better money could be spent investigating UK child and sex traffickers eh? Oh wait, that’s coming up in the Barbie II movie.

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When the UN goes into a country it isn't simply to "investigate" the issue, there are a lot of other things tied to their visit, i.e. it sets a precedent to then "investigate" other countries, who may be asked to do certain things in order to "comply"

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leo T

Today 04:49 pm JST

Japans problem, Japan has dealt with it how they felt fit.

> Hardly a big enough problem the international community needs to address

The agencies take up to 70% of the payment made to the "talent" actors etc...

So when you see a not famous yet actor in a TV or other commercial think that this person may be getting paid a one time fee of ¥20,000 for however long it takes to shoot.

They think that when the payment is made the actor the next month will receive ¥6,000 minus taxes, no transportation fees etc.. even if it took all day.

The sports agency industry took international embarrassment when MLB found out the Japanese players angencies where taking far more percentage in commission than is acceptable normally in North America.

Government stepped in to cap agency fees and commissions.

Even your standard " Haken" company has regulations and a cap no one takes anywhere near 70%.

But the entertainment industry this is quite common.

So maybe a little embarrassment will get the government to act on limits to the power and commission these agencies take

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I saw that BBC documentary with my partner while we stayed in a hotel on our last trip to Tokushima. I couldn’t believe it, utterly reprehensible stuff. It all seems worse than I could ever have imagined. That Johnny was a sex fiend beast of the hugest order you see.

This beastly exploitation needs to cease, right here right now especially to the vulnerable children these demons exploit.

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Ryuchell committed suicide at his office where he also lived. Note it was his own company as well. So it was not a protest towards a talent agency in this case.

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Hopefully this will make the Japanese elites embarrassed enough to clean up their own mess though I won’t hold my breath!

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