U2 honored as 'Greatest Act' in last 25 years


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The greatest act

Yes, the "act" is that they are a "Rock" band. Besides the fact that they have a couple of guitars and a drum set, they are about as close to Pop as any pop group. Listen carefully to any of U2's songs of the past 15 years and it's Pop, pop and more Pop.

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Tedious pop at that!

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greatest overrated band ever . . . sure a few songs are OK but compared to radiohead for example-not even close.

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Yes, the "act" is that they are a "Rock" band. Besides the fact that they have a couple of guitars and a drum set, they are about as close to Pop as any pop group. Listen carefully to any of U2's songs of the past 15 years and it's Pop, pop and more Pop.

And even an album called "Pop" too!

I'm kind of indifferent on U2, I think they emerged at a very good time musically, and managed to keep going. Can't say I'm a fan, but at the same time, can't argue with the fan base they have, and that they keep pumping out music that their fans love. If it is a numbers game, then they must be close to the top. The only other reasonably consistent artist over the same period I can think of is Madonna.

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sure a few songs are OK but compared to radiohead for example-not even close.

Of course you are absolutely correct, and also absolutely wrong, depending on what your music tastes are. To each their own I say. Personally I never really enjoyed Radiohead, or Coldplay for that matter. Nothing moves me more than a bit of Bach - definitely the one of the best "acts" of the past 500 years.

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the people who decided this must have never seen Daft Punk's Alive tour. i saw them last time they were in japan in 2007, mind was blown.

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Never understood the fascination with U2. They havent released a good album in more than 20 years, none of their members are technically brilliant at their craft and U2 will never be remembered as doing anything that changed music. Considering though, the last 15 years have been a desert when it comes to great music maybe it is just a sign of the times.

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Always loved U2 and THEY ARE a rock band that happens to play a lot of pop, let's get that out of the way, first. I think their highest point was when they did "Rattle and Hum" after that, that is when their music started to wain IMO. Having said that, that is how I feel or how people feel that like more true, faithful music that is not generic, mass produced, overplayed and a more underground nostalgic sound. Many of these bands fall into that trap of getting over popularized, too commercial and become household names. You can look at it two ways.. One, they are survivors, where many bands have come and gone during the 80's U2 is still rocking on, so they must be doing something right, especially to get to where they are today. Two, it is just very, very hard if you are a rock band and you do not want to fall into that Top 40 genre but the whole reason why they got popular in the first place WAS because these bands were good and as more and more people start to listen, more than often they get caught up in the commercialization of the artists music. This is another reason why J-pop can't make it across the pond. Too overly commercialized, for the average person in Japan that really doesn't know or care about in depth music, they will buy and buy and buy and artists will shell out 3 or 4 albums a year. Quantity is important in Japan. Nothing wrong with that, if that is your schtick, but as a musician, I am really critical about music and while I enjoy many of some of the greatest bands from the 80's, truth is once there was a time when you could hear these bands on a late Sat. on a promo radio program or listening to them in an underground club, but now many of these bands and their uniqueness is but a fading memory and now all you have to do is head up to Las Vegas to watch Duran Duran perform for $50 sad, very sad, but that is the sad truth about the industry.

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I think their highest point was when they did "Rattle and Hum"

Absolutely 100% correct, their best album ever, now they just churn out mind numbing drone, must admit they were one of my favorite bands 20 years ago though.

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As American bands go U2 are really good, but I don't think you can call them greatest of the last 25 years.

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As American bands go U2 are really good

Erm, they're Oirish.

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Is liking Coldplay still the gauge for telling whether a blokes gay or not...cause if it is I'm safe..

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U2 American??? They have homes in America, but aside of that, Bono doesn't sound like he's a New Yorker to me. :-)

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They still have the same line up! That is noteworthy!

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First of all U2 are 100% IRISH, I would know I am Irish. Secondly they have achieved so much over the years. It may be called POP rock but thats because they are a POPULAR rock band. For those that think they are masters of their trade, hell they are. I am in a band and its not about a band playing one great guitarist or an amazing drummer but how they play as a BAND and they sound great. Sure the last few albums weren't the best they've done but they still have a massive following. Bands like Coldplay and MUSE worship U2, they inspired them.

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Bands like Coldplay and Muse worship U2

Ahhh, that would explain why they all sound the same. And chuck Radiohead in there too. It's all pop, and gives rock a bad name.

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Just what is Q Magazine's "Greatest Act Award" based on? I'm not disagreeing with the choice, but I find these types of awards kind of interesting.

Just a few random thoughts:

I like a few of U2's songs, but I've never been a fan of the band. They may indeed be a great "act" judging by some of the concert videos I've seen playing in bars I've been to and seeing the throngs of people their concerts attract, but I do not see them as a very influential force in music. Another talent which might have been considered, and who has had much more influence on other musicians, in my opinion, is Prince. (And I'm not a big fan of his either, but like some of his songs.)

U2 is one of those acts whose music is overshadowed by so many other things non-musical. While writing this, I am listening to James Brown's Ain't It Funky Now, and I'm listening to an artist who was a great "act" as well as more of a genuine artist. (As a listen to This is a Man's World will attest.)

Van Morrison, Fleetwood Mac (w/Peter Green), Miles Davis, The Smiths, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Pixies, Hendrix, Lou Reed, Nina Simone, etc. -- a short list that shows how difficult it is to concoct awards for musical acts.

I think the ultimate sign of respect in music is knowing your music has influenced other musicians. (There seems to be a cottage industry on YouTube of guitarists trying to copy and perfect Johnny Marr's guitar riffs.) I think U2 represents a kind of musical dead-end street. That is not a negative as much as a recognition that there's no other musician to build on it and take it somewhere new. Not even U2 could do that. Another group that fits in that category, in my opinion, is The Doors. I was a big fan of them, but musically, a dead end.

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Lumping Radiohead in with U2 is like comparing Kobe beef with a BIg Mac. Anyone who makes that comparison is a not a fan of music, or is simply just a troll.

And it is not just a matter of taste. The Beatles will live on and on and on. U2 will be forgotten 10 years from now. Quality matters.

Most overrated band ever. And most of their fans from the 80s know that now. Some of us knew it back then.

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U2! Greatest act of the last 25 years!

I laugh out loud at the thought of poncy, Yank-wannabe Bono and his boys even trying to pretend they could ever step up to the Great American Songbook - Blues, Country, RnB, Modern Folk and of course Rock and Roll - and produce anything that could compare with what Dylan, Waits, Jerry Garcia, Pixies/Frank Black, Nirvana/Curt Cobain did, or what Wilco/ Jeff Tweedy, White Stripes/jack White and Black Keys/Dan Auerbach will do.

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Somebody ring up this Q Magazine and tell them about SMAP so that they can get the Greatest Act of the last 50 years.

I like U2 but I got very disappointed at their concert plus those firemen sprayed way too much water on me and I got sick for a week.

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Just when I think it would never happen - I agree with you yabits! Fine example that music transcends politics.

As a teenager through the mid-1980's I loved U2. And I've always loved the earlier stuff far more than the later crap. As many kids are, I was in a really bad band as a teen as their guitarist. One of my best friends told me that my playing reminded him of that of 'The Edge' which I always took to mean that I couldn't really play very well. They all improved over the years, but early on he couldn't play worth a damn. I still like them, but wouldn't classify them as the best of the last 25 years by any stretch. Back in their day (before they 'sold out' and started producing crap) I would have put the playing of Peter Buck and REM well above them, particularly in influencing or at least promoting a certain style. As Yabits correctly states, Johnny Marr and The Smiths would top them as well. I was always a huge Stone Roses fan as well, but that's personal preference.

The greatest band of the past 25 years, and ever in my very humble opinion, is XTC. And if you don't agree by their popular hits, go listen to some of the tracks that didn't 'make it' per say. There is some really brilliant stuff there.

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Yeah, there's something about good music that transcends everything.

Here's a question that kind of reflects on the state of music today: What group or artist that has emerged only in the past 10 years would stand a chance of making it -- when the time comes -- as an artist or act who was great over 25 years?


btw, I think Stone Roses and XTC were terrific bands. And I think Mark Knopfler's work deserves some mention too.

Come to think of it, "Best Act of the past 25 years" is an award that is given....how often? Every year?

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DIO, Deep Purple, System of A Down, Rage Against the Machine, Rammstein, Anthrax, Megadeth, Tech N9ne, Marilyn Manson, NWA, Eazy-E, Tupac, there are too many to list that are beyond better than U2.

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