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Andrew Lloyd-Webber vows to defy gov't on London theater reopening


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That awkward moment when you realize alpha gays are anti-mask and anti-vaxx too.

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What is an "alpha gay"?

Where in this article does it say that Webber is anti-mask or anti-vaxx?

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He can take to the rooftops like The Phantom of the Opera.

wonder if the Met cops will arrive on day 1 to forcibly shut them down and arrest staff

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He is as subject to the law as I am. This is just special pleading for his own little segment of the economy as grandstanding. I also look forward to when theatres and other venues open fully but that does not mean they should be opened too early, causing an existing spike in infections to become worse.

This is very irresponsible of him and not to put too fine a point on it, selfish.

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Its funny how a mortgage will make a public health specialist out of a pianist ...

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This Delta strain is picking up pace in Britain because people are letting their guards down prematurely, and this guy is recklessly encouraging that in order to try and save an outdated, dying art form. I get it, he wants to keep theatre alive, but you don't do that by risking a third wave and a third lockdown. Why is it only the adults who are the most impatient? Children do as they're told, adults do whatever the heck they want and damn the consequences.

I live and work in North Wales. We have the Delta strain over here thanks to tourists and it is spreading. This is in a very rural area, so I dread to think what'll happen if it pops up in a city. The vaccination might protect against the Delta strain FOR NOW, but how long until that, or another strain, mutates to become resistant to the vaccine? It's only a matter of time given how many mutant strains have cropped up so far, and in such a short time too. If we're not careful, there will be a strain that doesn't get affected by the current vaccines, and then the pandemic will pick up like wildfire all over again. How many millions more have to die because of selfish people? I've lost friends and family to this virus already. Stop asking me and millions of people like me to sacrifice more. That's not fair. That's not Human.

insisting they are "completely safe" for the public.

You don't know that. You can't see the future, and I know for damn sure that you know nothing about Virology. You just want to go back to lining your pockets and you don't care how many die in the process. I think it's time you tried seeing how the 99% live, especially during a pandemic, and get back in touch with reality.

The theatres need to reopen

No they don't. They are not an essential service. There is no need for them to reopen at all. The Theatre is just a very small, very esoteric branch of entertainment that appeals virtually exclusively to the Upper Class, and to a handful of Middle Class. The majority of Middle Class people, and the Working Class, couldn't care less about theatre. It holds no interest, it just reminds us that this is the sort of thing that rich people enjoy. There are plenty of job openings in ESSENTIAL businesses if these people are legitimately in need of employment. The fact that they can pick and choose means that they're not in any financial difficulties, ergo they're not amongst the Working Class, probably not amongst the Middle Class either. We don't have that kind of luxury down here at the bottom of the economic food chain. The pandemic has been brutal upon us and things really aren't easing up. If anything, reopening non-essential businesses has only increased the strain upon us, and it's allowed the Delta strain to start going nuts in various parts of Britain. Theatres don't need to reopen, not ever again, frankly. They don't contribute to society, they make very little contribution to the national economy. All they do is entertain the 1%, and let's face it: the rich and famous have no shortage of entertainment options. Theatres can stay closed. We don't need them, and we'd be better off without yet another potential virus-spreader being added to the list.

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And what do you want to say with those numbers?

In order to achieve something like a herd immunity you need usually a vaccination rate around the 70% mark.

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People should have the right to determine for themselves what risk they are willing to take.

Whether it's theater in London , Olympics in Tokyo, or pro wrestling in America , if you are afraid, stay home, but we must not allow the insane paranoia infecting so many keep normal folks from enjoying their lives.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber, married three times, all to women. 

If you buy those beards of his then I have a bridge to sell you.

No offense to Webber, I'm sure he's a great guy. He's also tired of the Great Reset.

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I hope only vaccinated people are allowed to watch the play.

it is not indicated anywhere in the story.

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No offense to Webber, I'm sure he's a great guy. He's also tired of the Great Reset.

What are you talking about?

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