Amber Heard vindicated as UK court rejects Johnny Depp's appeal

By Callum PATON

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They were so good together in The Rum Diaries where they met. Ah, paradise lost.

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This woman took a dump in their bed. Ya, now forever try to get that out of your mind.

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Either party can be ‘at fault’ for a failed marriage. However, Amber T. Heard was not the wife nor the success Depp dreamed. Now, she is ‘a woman scorned’ by both, potential suitors and Hollywood. Lesson learned, Johnny - “Hell hath no fury”. Fatal Attraction” and “Play Misty for Me” are both movies Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie were optioned to revive before his career was ruined.

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They both deserve each other, both as bad. Off screen they sound awful people

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Them stupid Brit tabloids love to print their stories, real or not. Does that scumpot Rupert Murdock still own some UK trash media, BTW?

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Johnny should have stayed with Vanessa. Money, family, no scandal.

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Whatever domestic abuse Johnny Depp is alleged to have committed.

I will still be cherishing his gothic turn in Sleep Hollow, Depp's terrifying Black Mass.

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Jonny's butt hurt. Amber gloating. The point is? Going to be hard to get major movie deals now be pinned a W.B. And amber Heard. Have not heard much of her lately? Her career is going down the toilet.

No pun intended. Maybe Amber can do commercials for Serta Inc.

The Amber Heard dookie castle line mattress. Brown in color and firm feel.

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Her part in the next “Aquaman” may have been flushed for various reasons.

The studios are rumored to get past any ‘spin-agenda’ issues by claiming “Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination. She’s in terrible shape working against the original, expensive costume designs. There is a clause in the contracts which says she is required to be in good form well ahead of shooting that she may have violated”.

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Many upset men here today.

Thoughts and prayers.

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