UK issues commemorative coin celebrating rock band Queen


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The Queen on one side, another 'Queen' on the other. Get the irony?

You'd think the Beatles or maybe even the Rolling Stones would have that distinctive honor first.

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Changing times, the Beatles and Rolling Stones were too early, in those days it would never have even been considered.

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I’m not a fan but I respect their ability and what they achieved.

As for the Beatles, I’m not sure if John would’ve approved of this kind of thing.

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It's a 5 pound 'coin' so will never be part of the circulating coinage currency, which ranges from 1 penny to 2 pounds. If this had been a 50p or 2 pound coin then I'd have taken it seriously, but these 5 pound 'coins' are just pretty pieces of metal to me.

Perhaps not as crazy as the 655.957 French Franc coin though:


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englisc aspyrgendJan. 21 06:17 pm JSTChanging times, the Beatles and Rolling Stones were too early, in those days it would never have even been considered.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones influence was more tremendous than that of Queen. And the Rolling Stones have never stopped rolling yet, they're probably the oldest surviving 'classic/vintage' band today that hasn't stopped. They're still touring and now are releasing 2 CD/1 DVD live sets out the yin-yang just like the now-defunct Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

'Changing times'? Queen for all purposes is practically defunct too, except maybe on business paper. Still, good band they are and it's better to see a coin honoring them than some more recent crap like the Spice Girls.

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