UK judge says Depp broke court order in Sun libel case


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Depp might lose this on a technicality but Amber Heard seems to have lost the plot. This petition has more information about what she's subjected Depp to:


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amber heard is just evil, she needs to be behind bars period!

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Depp scuppered his case by withholding those texts.

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They deserve each other.

Maybe Amber Heard International can replace the racist and awful John Wayne International.

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Depp was already winning in his legal battles and in the court of public opinion, and he got a little overzealous.

Amber Heard seems like an overall horrible person. Karma will comeback around to bite her on the rear end!

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Heard reminds me of Paul McCartney's ex wife.Another blond gold digger.But then again,Depp wanted a young thing and is learning the hard way that he gets the problems too!!

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Love that photo! Gangsta'!

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I'm always interested in libel cases having studied it three times lol (for 3 different media courses..in the UK). We (the UK) have some of the strongest libel laws in the world.... so I'm interested in this.

For non UK readers, The 'News of the World' (AKA The Sun) Newspaper has a rather bad history of 'hacking dead children's' telephones so..they're not the most innocent of UK newspapers lol. Interesting case.

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