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UK performers say post-Brexit visa rules spell disaster


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You can bet that these same actors talking about "cultural damage" are the same people who supported Brexit.Consequences and repercussions.Live with it.

Far as I know, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Julie Walters voted to remain.

But yes, several acquaintances are finding the bureaucracy intimidating as well as financially unsound and are very concerned about touring.

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”You Cannot Pass!” - Sir Ian McKellen should be free to travel, welcomed anywhere he chooses, to share his great talents, before he ‘sets sail to the West’.

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Yeah, one of the arguments was, that leaving EU will get rid of the bureaucracy in EU and things will be more simple. However, the bright minds didn't realise how many countries in EU are.

Decision has been made, the majority has spoken. Live with it, don't complain. Stop blaming EU for everything and assume responsibility. UK is not a member of EU, same as Russia, Japan, Australia, Nigeria, Zimbabwe.

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Just to clarify: In 2016, Patrick Stewart, Benedict Cumberbatch, Sting and over 280 other UK artists backed a vote to remain in the EU. 

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Brexit was all made up as it went along. There was never a plan and the story changed multiple times along the way. Even those who actively enabled Brexit, like Northern Ireland's DUP, are very angry about the way it has worked out. The DUP does not see what has happened to N. Ireland as inevitable or the "will of the majority" and such logic will not stop them "complaining".

As a parallel, a lot of Japanese wanted the Olympics, but they did not want the overspend and fiascos that have happened. Many of them don't want the Games at all any more.

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Thanks @cracaphat 8:07a JST “these same actors talking about "cultural damage" are the same people who supported ...Consequences and repercussions.”

Yes, Mr. Stewart, “*Not acting will *do irreparable harm to ‘the creative workforce’. -

Well, before any decisions about Brexit and the unexpected happened with pandemic restrictions, You, Mr. Stewart, had ‘a chance’ to keep the hundreds of laborers in the creative workforce employed and entertaining people. But, because of Your insistence to add Your personal ‘political activism’ into the narrative in the recent ‘Picard’ one-season, You destroyed your legacy from TNG. No fans are interested in your ’revised’ character anymore. (Alex Kurtzman and StarTrek:Discovery are doing their own damage to ‘Classic’ StarTrek:TOS.)

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Not a problem. US-Canada border-crossing performers need visas - despite Nafta - and the countries' entertainment industries are extremely closely integrated and thriving.

These privileged pampered wealthy folks in the UK just want unfettered access to their villas in Provence and restored castles in Tuscany. The Brexit arrangement has more important priorities to deal with. Next!

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”You Cannot Pass!” - Sir Ian McKellen should be free to travel, welcomed anywhere he chooses, to share his great talents, before he ‘sets sail to the West’.

“ Run, you fools. “

( in this case, from that monumental mess aka the UK ... )

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