UK royals attack 'overblown' BBC documentary


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They have also openly criticized Britain's most famous family, including accusing an unnamed senior member of racism.

Hardly the fault of the press. Everytime Prince Philip opened his mouth he would be mentioning "bloody foreigners or slitty eyes". And lets not forget Prince Harry's choice of Halloween costume, a Nazi SS officer uniform, as worn by Prince Philips relatives in the 1940s!

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Frankly, I think the bbc and the royal family deserve each other. Like a couple who are toxic to each other but can't let go of that relationship.

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Boo Hoo! Who cares?

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The British Royal Family is an embarrassment to UK. With their constant stream of scandals. We hardly ever hear anything about other royal families in the world!

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@Paul Monaco royal family had their fair share of reported scandal

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Looks like the BBC is trying to repair some of the damage that Meghan and Harry did to their reputations but I don’t think it will work.

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M&H did no damage to the BBC's reputation.

Auntie may not be perfect, but I'd trust her a lot farther than M could throw a tiara in a tantrum.

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For a couple (Harry and Meghan) to leave the family because they wanted privacy, they seem to be doing the exact opposite and attracting more attention to themselves. If they really wanted privacy, they would be declining interviews, and certainly not be appearing on TV chat shows. More like a couple of sulking attention seekers.

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