UNESCO adds reggae music to global cultural heritage list


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What's the point of putting reggae on this list? Reggae doesn't need it. It's proved its worth over decades now and is an integral part of modern music. Maybe the list needs reggae more than reggae needs the list.

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I don't like reggae, no no.

I love it.

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I don't like reggae, no no.

I love it.

I don't really like reggae. But I love that song!

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I may be wrong but The Police and The Clash were more influenced by ska.

The Clash were more influenced by Reggae. ("Bankrobber Dub" is a dead giveaway.) Reggae was influenced by ska. Ska is associated with the punk movement because of neo-Ska bands like The Specials, but ska dates way earlier.

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Reggae was influenced by ska.

And both were influenced by Calypso and Mento (check out the Jolly Boys below). The good thing about all of this is it doesn't need to be kept alive by UNESCO global cultural listings. It's perfectly capable of looking after itself, and of inspiring seriously influential bands like the Clash.


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The more stuff you add to that damn UNESCO list, the less value that status has.

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Finally reggae can be played at BBQs around the world legitimatly. Thank you UNESCO!

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Props to the article for mentioning more than Marley.

If I had to name two bands influenced by reggae though, I would say The Police and The Clash. Not Kanye or Lauren Hill.

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The Clash even had Lee Scratch Perry produce one of their singles, back in the day.

But when it comes to actual classic reggae, give me Black Uhuru, U-Roy, Culture, Burning Spear and Steel Pulse - another great British reggae group.

If pushed, I could grudgingly say that UB40 momentarily were great - Signing Off was a masterpiece.

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Steel Pulse is a fine example of Reggae-Rock crossover. Check out "Sound System" and "Drug Squad".

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I may be wrong but The Police and The Clash were more influenced by ska.

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UNESCO, don't forget the pot...

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