'Panama Papers' law firm sues Netflix over film based on scandal

By Elida Moreno

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A real shame the release of these papers did not have a profound impact relative to their content. Maybe with a video interpretation, that could change.

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A shame the film was not well-made. Interesting and educational and sometimes funny, but overall a mess. And I couldn't get over Meryl Streep playing an ordinary woman who is victim to these offshore rackets, when she herself is known to be horrible to "little people" she encounters and also most likely makes use of these same offshore companies to protect her wealth.

Top be fair, they did break the 4th wall to state "the director of this film has 5 offshore companies, and even the writer has one." They didn't say how many Streep had.

The call for campaign finance reform at the end was weak, as that hardly addresses the issue. The issue is bloated and corrupt governments whose greed forces people who have built any wealth at all to hide it offshore if they hope to pass anything on to their children. They allow loopholes that create this swamp to protect the wealthiest of the lot, and the politicians among them. Meanwhile, the middle class gets screwed as always.

And of course the hypocrisy that the USA is the biggest money launderer in the world, yet they make the most noise when tiny countries like the Cayman Islands or Nevis go for a piece of the action.

I don't see this problem being solved soon. Criminals in the government steal from the people, but protect their richest friends. People with a little wealth take advantage of the loopholes so they don't lose everything they have worked for. Working people with no wealth pay for it. The laws will never change as long as there is money in it for the politicians.

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