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'Star Wars: Episode IX' loses writer/director Trevorrow over movie vision


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He must have wanted an actual story without female leads being forced on him by the studio.

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The mouse strikes again!!

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It will be fine. It's happened before. I'm just sorry Carrie Fisher won't be there in episode 9.

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More power to him. The last release was utter garbage. The plot behind the next one aims to destroy the Jedi themselves. Mouse indeed. More like a destroyer of phantasy worlds Are they planning to buy up the Star Trek universe next and turn it into "Star Drek"? The US has anti-monopoly laws, why aren't they being enforced?

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I confess to getting Star Wars fatigue.  As is so often the case, this is being flogged to death.

My dreamy childhood memories of the franchise being trashed.

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My childhood hasn't been trashed by the franchise. And the younger generations love it as much as I did when I was their age. Forget the prequels; I actually sat through the Holiday Special; thinking (at the time) it was the follow up to Star Wars. Then after Jedi you had the 2 Ewok films, the Droids cartoon series and so on.

I'll know I'll be in my local Toho on the day it comes out; feeling 40 years younger once again. As I did with TFA and Rogue One.

The thing with long running franchises, sequels and reboots is you can always chose not to watch. Be it James Bond, Doctor Who, Batman or even Sherlock Holmes (over 100 years of cinematic, stage, tv and radio outings).

Happy Life Day!

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It's a shame, and clearly needs to be passed on to off-shoots like Rogue One, although the "Han Solo" series or whatever that's coming out is just going to ruin things. Star Wars VII was not bad, but you could tell it was done in part by Disney.

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Rogue One was exactly the prequel you're looking for. A superb antidote to the Lucas directed ones from 99 to 05.

And TFA was still great, crowd pleasing fun. I have high hopes for TLJ!

Who knows about the Solo, er, solo effort. I didn't expect much from Rogue, so that was a real surprise. Then again, why not set some offshoots in the far future or distant past of the SWU? Not as many constraints then.

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Oh SH.., not another one!!! Jeebus the last one was soo bad..

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Nobody is being forced to watch it.

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Nobody is being forced to watch it.

※sees what you did there※

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I loved episode VII, and then I loved Rogue 1 even more. I think Disney has been hitting it out of the park with their new stuff.

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Cant understand why anyone outside of mouthbreathers would have liked episode 7. Same exact plot as episode 4 but with PC characters uselessly peppered in that we're instantly forgettable.

But show a mouthbreather a test pattern with a "Star Wars" title and he'll gladly sit through it

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@Strangerland. Same here; TFA had the crowd pleasing elements, the old cast and the new. It felt alive; compared to the staleness of the prequels. JJ Abrams got it right. Possibly even more so than his tenure on the Star Trek reboots. Be interesting to see what Rian Johnson does with the next two...

Rogue One is possibly the best SW film since the orginal trilogy. And it does exactly what is says on the tin. Eagle eyed fans might have glimpsed Chopper on Yavin IV and the two toughs from the cantina from Mos Eisley on Jedha...

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