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Britney Spears tells court she wants her life back

By Lisa Richwine

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The “Leave Britney Alone” person can retire. Britney has testifying she can do it on her own:

“I cry every day".

Hope you get better, Britney.

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She might stop playing the victim. Life isn't something that happens to you. You make your own life.

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Hope she can get her life back soon!

Being STILL controlled by your father at this age is terrible.

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That is literally not the case for her. She is not allowed to many any legal decisions on her own, including hiring a lawyer, receiving medical treatment, or spending her money. All of that is decided by the conservators such as her father.

she said she has a contraceptive device that she wants removed, but is not allowed to go to the doctor

her father, Jamie Spears, [is a conservator who has legal control of] personal affairs ranging from her medical care to who visits her secluded villa outside Los Angeles. Jamie Spears also is a joint conservator of the singer's finances.

Life is actually something that is just happening to her and she has very little legal control. That's the whole point of this case.

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Free Britney!!

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How is she even relevant to the industry these days? Bygones, be gone!

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Who is she even talking to? No one told her to play with snakes or K-Fed. Only if we could all go back to 1999, Britt.

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This case reminded me Amy Winehouse somehow

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That attempt is rather late. This world is turning more and more into a nightmare. Neither we all in general nor Britney especially will ever get back full freedom or normal life we once were used to. Forget it and prepare for even worse.

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She has a history of mental health and drug issues. If her family had not intervened, she would probably be dead by now. However her father has his own issues. If she’s “freed”, she is likely to wander back to her enabling and parasitic friends, but if she can’t control her life at her age by now, she likely never will.

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She's been her father's slave for far too long. Set her free.

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