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Country folk singer John Prine dies at 73 of coronavirus complications

By Dan Whitcomb

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Great musician and Great Songwriter.

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This is so sad. A beautiful man. I had the pleasure of meeting him in the 70’s. Like his songs he was a pure heart.

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RIP Mr Prine! He struggled with serious health problems, even losing a lung to cancer, so he was precariously at risk for any respiratory infection, whether seasonal influenza or the coronavirus that started in Wuhan. Very sad indeed.

My favorite tune of his was the cheeky "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian".

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Dear Abby, Dear Abby,

You won't believe this

My stomach makes noises whenever I kiss

My girlfriend tells me its all in my head

But my stomach tells me to write you instead

Signed, Noisemaker


What a great talent, an American original.

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A fantastic songwriter, performer and a really cool guy. RIP.


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A brave American songsmith and bard. He left us too soon, but his posthumous fame will continue to grow. RIP.

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Storytellers like John Prine are needed at all times. He will be missed. RIP

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Sad day. I wish he’d of slipped in the kitchen and hit his head instead of this dang corona.

He’s with good ole brother Doug now. I’ll bet it was a feelin’ when his soul went through the ceilin’. Now he’s sippin vodka and ginger ale and smoking a cigarette that’s 9 miles long.

I Love you John

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