Singapore minister puts Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande on 'offensive' playlist


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when I worked at Paramount & Universal Home Video scripts for each movie had to be censured before release in Singapore, very strict laws there

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I enjoyed my visit to Singapore, but I did find it very sterile.

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Singapore keeps a tight rein on public speech and the media, especially when it comes to race and religion.

Singapore is an interesting case study in multiculturalism and authoritarianism. These draconian laws exist to prevent racial, cultural and religious tension from boiling over into full scale riots. It's arguable that Singapore couldn't exist peacefully without them. As the west becomes more multicultural we see similar restrictions on personal freedoms being introduced in the name of security and social harmony.

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Severe internet censorship. If I change my VPN location to Singapore many of my usual sites are blocked.

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The only country to ban chewing gun bans lady Gaga, funny. But Singapore is a good to haven for companies.

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*chewing gum

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I find the concept of an 'offensive' playlist offensive.

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What is deemed 'offensive' seems to be very subjective.

Singapore is very authoritarian, which is anathema to the West. Nevertheless it is a very ethnically and religiously diverse, yet harmonious, well organised and prosperous nation.

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Beautiful harmony.

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article headline :

Singapore minister puts Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande on 'offensive' playlist

embedded inside the article :

K Shanmugam, Singapore's home affairs minister, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday that he gave the list as an illustration of things people may find offensive.

The statement came on a day Singapore submitted wide-ranging fake news legislation in parliament

this article has a "fake" news headline ! lol.

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Singapore is a totalitarian state. I wouldn't want to have any business there, none. Their founder has a sick personality cult and that's never good.

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