Taylor Swift puts rancor aside, smashes all-time American Music Award record

By Jill Serjeant

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While I am not her biggest fan. I applaud her for taking a stand. For too long the music industry has taken advantage of Artist. Not being able to properly own your hard work and not being able to fully profit from your creativity is criminal.

I feel like once a company has already been paid back from the artist and made the substantial profit that they have, then an artist should be able to fully own their masters without any issue. Ownership of an artist's masters by the record company should simply be a loan that once fulfilled reverts back to the artist.

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@jj . One cannot in these days promote themselves individually like a huge record company can. One has to give and take.

I do love her skin and style. So pretty with the perfect make-up.

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Shania Twain performed for the first time in 17 years

Swift got to sing her old songs and won the dispute over the record label

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Swift got to sing her old songs and won the dispute over the record label

There was never a dispute, it was all for publicity.

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Yes, it's all about the publicity. This is called a great publicity stunt that paid dividends

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Now all she needs is another trophy boyfriend.

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