Golden Globes TV ratings steady as host Gervais tickles some but bores others


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His shtick is getting a bit tired. He tries to distance himself from an elite he's actually part of, that's why the joked don't hit the target anymore.

That said, I did enjoy his recent bleak comedy series, Afterlife.

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These award ceremonies are overdone.  too many of them.  And they are basically mutual admiration societies for already overpaid and over ego'ed luvvies.  not a big fan of Gervaise after the Office, which made him.  I guess sitting there and being "insulted" by him makes the audience feel edgy and all.  Like celebrity roasts.....

Sticks and stones and all - when you are minted a few "insults" slide like water off a ducks back.

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Loved his pricking of the inflated egos that infest the entertainment industry. No doubt a few people were shifting nervously in their seats! A few of his remarks were hitting a bit to close to home. At heart, he was telling the truth. Celebrities should just shut up and entertain us. Their opinions are no more important than anyone elses'.

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Celebrities should just shut up and entertain us. 

At least they don't get elected to office.

Oh, wait...

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Even worse.... are you calling Trump a "celebrity"?!? Jeezus.... you have low standards.

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Even worse.... are you calling Trump a "celebrity"?!? Jeezus.... you have low standards.

Tbf, the names I'd actually call him wouldn't be for the faint of heart.

I'm in two minds over celebs/public figures/etc using their position to speak out. On the one hand, it's a great platform to bring issues to people who might not otherwise engage in such concerns. If you have that platform, use it wisely. Which brings me to - on the other hand - it's when they come across as hectoring and hypocritical, they can cause resentment.

Gervais is not unknown for browbeating people over animal cruelty and (to a lesser extent) atheism. Of course he's right to stand up for animal rights and highlight the silliness of religions, but he's lucky enough to be in a position where he can get his views and (some might say) political beliefs across.

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I agree. The problem is that the Hollywood people generally don't practice what they preach. Hypocrisy is altogether too easy to spot, especially among the ones who are so so eager to tell everyone else how to live but won't live the same way. Look at all the celebs who blather on about the coming climate emergency, yet maintain several residences and fleets of gas guzzling vehicles. Case in point- Arnold Schwarzenegger. Recent syncophantic follower of dear Greta. Also owner of more than 20 expensive vehicles, including a Hummer and even an M-47 Patton Tank!

As for The Donald, there is only one name that matters now- Mr. President.

Sorry, couldn't resist...

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Gervais kinda held back - and by holding back, it became less talked about

Their opinions are no more important than anyone elses'.

That's true. But that also means your (or anyone else's) opinion is not more important than theirs either. So why anyone would take one over the other

(There's a caveat here tho - if a person is a qualified expert on a subject, then their opinion on it are weighted more.)

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