U.S. judge dismisses Ashley Judd's sex harassment claim against Weinstein

By Jill Serjeant

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The reason is a technicality, as the article puts it:

In a footnote to his ruling, U.S. District Judge Philip Gutierrez said he was not determining**** whether Judd was sexually harassed by Weinstein "in the colloquial sense of the term."

But Gutierrez said that Judd's relationship as an actress with the film producer was not covered under the California statute she had sued under, nor under a 2019 amendment.

The judge is not determining anything. He's just saying she can't do it under the statute or amendment she's trying to do it under.

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people don't read in that much details... and also they don't really care about facts. But thanks for pointing it out :)

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He may be a seedy dude, but I suspect that many of these cases will collapse as so difficult to prove

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Nothing to do with Metoo or whatever, thats his voice is it not?

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Why isn't he locked up?

It's not over yet, Kenji. He might have got away with this one, but like Cosby, there are just too many accusations being made against this guy. Some of it will stick.

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What has Weinsteins alleged loutish behavior and power harassment and the fact that he has been perp walked and all got to do with white privilege?

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I guess I'm old fashioned - innocent until proven guilty

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Don't recall with Cosby, but did one person accuse Weinstein and then after it went viral, dozens more popped up (on the bandwagon)? Or was it simultaneous?

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Why isn't he locked up? The evidence of him and another actress can be heard:


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It all started with a couple of exposes in the New York press and grew from there. I think the allegations against Weinstein are far more numerous and more serious than anything that's happened since, with the exception of Cosby. Also took a bit of guts to get things going against him, as he was so powerful in Hollywood.

I agree with your implication that it's been a bit of a bandwagon since then.

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As the #metoo movement starts to collapse we will learn that it was no more than a bunch of failing actresses throwing a tantrum in a poor attempt to restart their careers

Like Cosby, right!

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Why would his website be run by Fox?? lol

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Think her defamation of him is much more widely publicized, so good luck with defamation suit - he'll sue for 100x more as his defamation we've all heard of. I don't recall reading or hearing on the news about how Ashley Judd isn't fit for Lord of the Rings.

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As the #metoo movement starts to collapse we will learn that it was no more than a bunch of failing actresses throwing a tantrum in a poor attempt to restart their careers

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@Kenji The powers that be here seem intent on ignoring the obvious and the reality that exists in the United States. If you had ever spent a day in your life in the U.S. you would know. It is NOT racist to acknowledge that white privilege exists and it plays a HUGE factor in this case. Hardcore evidence in Mr. Weinstein's case and then it's dismissed. I may have to check to see if this website is run by FOX. Show some decency and allow an open forum, instead of censoring opinions that differ from your own.

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