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'Shoplifters' director apologizes for French film awards no-show


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Wow! That's like giving them the finger.


It's so out of character for Kore-da . . .


Shoplifters is truly a poignant work and the award is well deserved.


That being said - no-show is a terrible faut pas.


The French won't forget.

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Small mistake. Must’ve really cared about the award. I wonder what’s on his mind, really.

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Or, as the article said, he was in LA for the Oscars and had prepared comments... except whoever was supposed to be there to accept the award wasn’t.

There was an unfortunate mistake, that’s all.

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You would think the organizers would have checked that the recipient or a rep was in the audience.

A mistake by both parties then


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Wow! That's like giving them the finger.

Not at all. The show is a really unimportant Parisian event. The audience, the movie fans, the critics and most in film industry couldn't care less. Every year a number of the main artists nominated chose to not attend.

The French won't forget.

Most us are not aware. I learn of his no show here, that was not in headlines in France, not even in movie dedicated news. Koreada got a Palme d'Or in Cannes, that's known.

You would think the organizers would have checked that the recipient or a rep was in the audience.

Exaclly. They show how bad they are. They should have had the copies of acceptance speeches for everybody and planned someone to read in replacement. We do that for high school events.

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He has apologized when in fact a member of his staff should be doing that. Very Japanese, but he is taking the heat. Commendable.

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