Updates on new 'Dragon Ball Z' movie has fans excited but also asking plenty of questions

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We’re sure that "Dragon Ball" fans around the world are anxiously waiting for the release of the latest feature-length anime installment in the series, "Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F." As we’ve already reported, the new movie is scheduled to be released on April 18 this year, and we also know that the film will feature an intensely cool battle song by the rock band Maximum the Hormone.

Now, as more information on the movie has started to become available, though, fans seem to be finding that there are many questions about the plot and characters just begging to be asked — some of which may not be so straightforward to answer. So, what is it exactly about the movie that’s bugging fans? Well, quite a lot, apparently.

Yes, "Dragon Ball" fans have been commenting online that there seem to be parts of the movie that may be a bit difficult to explain, based on the two trailers and other information that has been released so far.

We already know that the villain Frieza makes a “glorious” comeback in this movie, but as often happens in long-running series involving epic battles, the timeline of events and the relative strength of the characters can be difficult to keep straight. For example, we still don’t have information on when exactly Frieza is supposed to have been resurrected, but apparently he’s coming back from the dead as powerful as a “Super Saiyan God,” the strongest Saiyan form we’ve seen so far that was only introduced in the last "Dragon Ball" movie which came out in 2013. Well, the last time we checked, this Super Saiyan God was supposed to be quite a big deal, so it kind of messes with the order of things when you have a character who’s been easily defeated previously suddenly come back with that amount of power.

To complicate matters, we’ve heard that in the new movie, Goku is unable to transform into Super Saiyan form … but still manages at one point to exhibit as much as 70% strength of his “Super Saiyan 3″ state. Umm … wait, should we be confused by that?

There are other small details as well that have caught the attention of "Dragon Ball" fans. Goku’s son, Gohan, is seen fighting in this movie wearing a green track suit, supposedly because he has lost his usual battle wear, but fans have been quick to point out, “Well, shouldn’t Piccolo be able to whip up a new fighting outfit for him with his super powers?” Hmm … we guess we don’t have any good answers to that question.

Of course, come April when the movie is released, we’re sure we’ll all be quite happy to go watch it and feel like kids again without thinking too much about what makes sense and what doesn’t. This is "Dragon Ball," after all, and it’s supposed to be good old fun. Oh, and as you may have noticed in the scene from above, we get to see Krillin without his hair again! If you’ve been a long-time fan, it’s kind of neat to see him back in the bald style we first saw him in.

Well, we should be hearing more as the release of the movie approaches, and we just know we’ll have a blast seeing the movie — how could we not, when it involves the return of Frieza, our favorite anime villain? And we’re certainly glad we didn’t have to wait 17 years for a new movie like the last time. Even if all the pieces don’t quite end up fitting perfectly, we’ll be counting the days until April 18.

Sources: Aol News, Dragonball Z: Resurrection of F official site

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who will play Pikachu?




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So why is this not being released in the US ???

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Is the currently running Dragonball anime shown overseas?

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I wish that this movie was being released here in the U.S., there's a lot of fans here as well!!

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'This is “Dragon Ball,” after all, and it’s supposed to be good old fun.' NO just NO the name of the site is Japan Today is it too insane to think that it would be write by people who like Japan? As far as I can understand english writting, the text all seems to much of United States of America speach. Reading this text is prety much equal to take a shower in winter with cold water, not good but does the job.

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As far as I can see, the balls are inert.

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What I heard was akira toriyama saw superman vs goku death battle and didn't like the outcome so his goal is to make goku stronger than superman that's why we are seeing these weird fluctuations in strength

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