U.S. comedian Kathy Griffin says she has lung cancer


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Wishing Kathy Griffin, as a fellow human being, a quick recovery and remission of her cancer.

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As a comedian, she profited extensively from mercilessly, singling-out others for verbal abuse of their own missteps & shortcomings.

Now, sadly, she wants sympathy from the bipartisan backlash shown against her. - That time, she just took it too far? Anderson Cooper and her other friends couldn’t/wouldn’t support her any more.

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Hollywood, the media and their current spawn of culture & agendas will turn against ‘their own’ in a second at even the slightest deviation.

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Second-hand smoke from spending all those nights inside clubs where smoking was allowed or was this just terrible genetic luck?

Her flavor of humor isn't something I appreciate, but I wish her well. There are only a few humans I'd wish cancer on. My father died from a terrible form and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.

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Not a fan of her comedy, but wish her the best and for a full recovery. Horrible disease.

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I've known so many people who have died of cancer, and have a close family member fighting it at the moment (not lung cancer). My aunt, a long-time smoker, died of lung cancer at 70, three years from diagnosis to death. I wish all the best to anyone fighting a disease that truly terrifies us all.

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I can't stand her, but I wouldn't wish lung cancer (which took my mother when I was a boy) on anyone. Prayers for her.

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HakmanToday  11:59 am JST

I can't stand her, but I wouldn't wish lung cancer (which took my mother when I was a boy) on anyone. Prayers for her.

She's a loudmouth like Morton Downey Jr. who used to blow cigarette smoke into guests' faces. He died from lung cancer himself in the 90s.

Still, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, karma or not. I lost three friends to lung cancer - a fellow Navy Boot Camp recruit (he was diagnosed at 24 and got discharged early), a priest who was a positive influence in my life (he was 62) and a college friend (27). The last one I saw on his last lap one month before the end and the sight was enough to make you cry.

And my grandmother fought colon/stomach cancer for 10 years and she wasn't a smoker. Cancer is horrible.

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Well, what can you say? I’m a firm believer of karma, but with that I do hope she has a speedy recovery.

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