U.S. music industry soars as streaming hits 30 million


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Despite the strong growth, the association said that sales were still below levels from before the advent of the internet -- which devastated the music industry as fans flocked online.

Sorry, I don't think it'll ever go back to those overpriced, gouging highs again, consumers won't stand for it anymore.

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The period between the near-end of vinyl to CDs was gauging-hodai for music corporations.

I can't believe how much they charged for albums. From the mid-80s to about 2000 I was always pissed and felt like I was getting ripped off (and I was).

I miss albums, album covers, and liner notes but streaming and music availability online is a much better situation than when record labels controlled everything.

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Just the other day the music industry was moaning about piracy, but it clearly isn't having much effect on their sales.

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Once streaming became so convenient and affordable, there's less incentive to go thru the trouble of piracy

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