U.S. rocker Eddie Money dies at 70

By Rob Kim

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Couldn't have been around the late 70s without hearing "Two Tickets to Paradise" being played on the radio.

First time I ever saw Appollonia was in his "Shaking" video and she was smoking hot! This was a year or two before "Purple Rain". Thanks Money and RIP.

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Great rocker, sad to see him go. I always appreciated the fact he brought Ronnie Spector's great voice back for a new generation to enjoy.

Hope Eddie has One Ticket to Paradise.

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Lots of fond memories growing up and listening to Eddie Money's music.


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He was a little before my time, but "Take Me Home Tonight," now that was a dope track!

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I remember the two or three weeks before his first appearance on SNL, he rehearsed at the studio where I worked. Every day, for at least 8 hours per day, for the entire 2 weeks, I had to listen to Two Tickets and Baby Hold On, over and over and over.

Great songs. But, it is possible to get tired of hearing them. Since it was over 40 years ago, I can listen to them again. I think it only took 10 years or so. :-)


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I remembered seeing Eddie Money on TV as a kid and my dad told me he started as a cop before getting famous. So I always associated Eddie Money with being a police officer. Recently though I found out he was only a police trainee. Anyways enough of my rambling. RIP Dude!

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