U.S. soap opera 'The Young and the Restless' approaches 12,000th episode

By Amanda Edwards

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After 12,000 episodes, the characters have now probably had affairs with everyone in the town.

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I've never watched it, or at least not a whole episode. My old father-in-law, though, was a staunch fan right into his 80s, and if we picked the wrong time to visit we'd be subjected to 20 or 30 interminable minutes of strangely-tanned people with impossible hairstyles giving each other a hard time and looking off significantly into the dark reaches of the very obvious set.

Because of that, and because my much-loved old dad-in-law is long gone, I retain a perverse affection for the show and wish it another 12,000 episodes. Just not while I'm in the room.

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Given the choice of watching Young and the Restless or having a half-hour nap, the nap would win every single time.

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Never even heard of it. So is it shown here in Japan?

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As a kid, my mother used to force me to watch this (only had one TV) and I do remember when it debuted. Still don't like soap operas, however.

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After 12,000 episodes, The Young and the Restless have turned into the Old and the Sleepy...

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All good things come to an end. Breaking Bad ended after 62 episodes. Fargo S4 is also ending. The bad stuff however....

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Coronation Street has been going for 60 years. Used to have great scripts, believable characters and normal storylines. Now it’s pathetic; mostly wooden acting, two dimensional characters and wafer thin sensationalist story lines.

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Many actors and actresses got their start on soap operas

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