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Vegeta’s voice actor starts a new rock band

By Paula Gerhold

Most Japanophiles in the world have heard of the smash hit anime "Dragonball Z." Recently, the series gained yet another surge of popularity due to its 2009 remastered broadcast, hooking a whole new generation of fans. But how many viewers have kept up with the voice actors who worked on DBZ since the show’s final episodes aired? For instance, did you know that Ryo Horikawa, the voice of Saiyan prince Vegeta, just recently started up a rock band?

Horikawa, the happily married 55-year-old, has lent his voice to many famous roles including Andromeda Shun from "Saint Seiya," Heiji Hattori from "Detective Conan" and Captain Falcon from the "Super Smash Bros." However, few international fans have heard anything about his impressive singing talent.

The man has done several singing gigs of his own over the years. This week, Horikawa announced an upcoming rock band project that he and his friends are putting together at the end of September. And Vegeta’s friends are nothing if not impressive. Horikawa has managed to amass a team of musical talent that includes big names such as Die of DIR EN GREY, Masahiko Okamoto (former member of ANGIE), Kei Kashiyama of MOON CHILD, Tomohisa Kawazoe (former member of LINDBERG), Maki Ootsuki, Miwako Okuda and more as plans unfold for the Sept 28 event opening at Live House Birth Shinjuku.

The concert has been described as merely the first of a series of anime-themed “special lives.” Reports say that Horikawa intends to make these events a monthly occurrence! Check out his personal blog for ticket sale information starting Saturday.

Source: Jin115

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Question... Whats the band's name???

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capt falcon and vegeta share the same voice?!

mind blowing!

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The Japanese article that is the basis for this article doesn't give a band name.

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Odd? I never heard of that. the only news i heard was that he and Vegetta's English dub voice actor Christopher R Sabat was doing some kinda of VA recruiting thing to find people who are dual speakers ( can speak both japaneese and english on both countries ) . Never said he would do the exact same as JYB ( Johnny Young Bosch ) and start his own band. though i am interested especially if their able to have a concert in any of the New York / New Jersey anime conventions.

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