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Veteran actor Ken Takakura to return to big screen after 6 years


Actor Ken Takakura, 80, will appear in the film “Anata e” next fall. It will be Takakura's first film appearance since his work on the Chinese-Japanese collaboration “Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles” six years ago. Yasuo Furuhata, 77, who has worked together with Takakura on 19 films, will once again direct.

The story depicts a couple's married life through the journey of a man who yearns to return to the hometown of his deceased wife. It will be Takakura’s 205th screen performance.

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Bravo to both actor, and director.. . Sounds like an excellent project.

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That last one filmed in China was interesting if a bit slow paced. I guess you can't compare everything to the rough and tumble tattooed gangster movies from the early years of his career.

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no matter what ken is hell of a handsome man... though he's old i still like him a lot... he seems to be mysterious... is it true on the rumor that he is gay? does he have any children?

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To "Enawatanabe": What does his having "any children" have to do with the "rumor" that he's gay? Lots of gay people have children. One has nothing to do with the other.

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