Veteran actress Mitsuko Mori dies at 92


Actress Mitsuko Mori, a veteran of the stage and screen has died at the age of 92. Mori passed away of heart failure in a hospital last Saturday, TV Asahi reported. She had been hospitalized for pneumonia.

Mori first appeared in films in postwar Japan, but made her mark on the stage in 1961 when she starred in "Horoki." She played the lead character for a record 2,017 performances.

Throughout her 80s, Mori appeared from time to time in television dramas before bowing out in 2010.

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The Murakami Mitsu??! :( RIP

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This lady has been a HUGE star for more than fifty years. She has been affectionately called "Mom" for many, many years. REST IN PEACE, Mori-san.

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Is this all you have to say about her in the news????? What about an insight of her private life,, her children, who she married, etc....

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Very sad news. She will be missed by many, she was like a mother or grandmother to so many entertainers. I always admired how lively she was even in her late 80s, she was someone who really lived life to the full.

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She was a wonderful lady, i am so sorry to read of her passing. May her spirit find peace and my sympathy to her family.

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