Video game 'Death Stranding' bids to rekindle hope

By Jitendra JOSHI

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I've got so much respect for this mind right here. Although I don't game nearly as much as I used to (music discovering and listening take the majority of my free time now, other than going out of course), there are specific studios and people working in the industry that I'll always keep an eye out for. Kojima-san here is one example (another one is the studio ATLUS).

Masterful storyteller and perfectionist, although underrated I feel like his Sony PSP title "Peace Walker" was one of his best works. Definitely looking to get Death Stranding, seems very intriguing.

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Mediocre reviews, sounds like a glorified walking and fetch simulator.

-2 ( +1 / -3 )

The game looks beautiful but the story and mechanics sound so far fetched and complicated. I'm more interested in his venture into films.

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A walking simulator. I've got mixed feeling about this game. Won't beat the MGS series, for sure.

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Why is he choosing to bash America and the UK in this article?

Why is he focusing on Trump for his "contemporary parallels"?

Why didn't he use this game to make critical comentary about Abe, the Japanese government or Japanese society.

I find that many Japanese people are uncomfortable or maybe scared of making any kind of criticism of Japan.

I think if he had chosen to make a statement about what is wrong with Japan in this game then it would be more interesting.

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It is a very divided type of game hence the mixed reviews, but I certainly appreciate Kojima's approach to this title. I am glad he didn't do something similar to Metal Gear. No lootboxes or micro-transactions is already a win for gamers.

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I understand what Kojima is trying to do, but I don't like it so I won't buy the game.

There's almost no "game", very little gameplay, while there's hours and hours of cinematics and non-sensical dialogue.

Doesn't feel like he built something for the player, seems like he wants us to just sit there and watch, like a movie. This format isn't attractive to me.

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Thanks for the laugh. Trump and Brexit are an order of magnitude or two more impactful on the world than extremely local Japanese politics, that barely have any effect beyond the borders of Japan. Both Trump and Brexit are products of rampant tribal nationalism that is a serious threat to the human race and globe (vis-a-vis US pullout from Paris).

Pull your head out of that dark place and have a look around the world.

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