Video of the week: Tokyo Metro


If you've been riding in Tokyo's subways recently, you have probably seen this video playing in the trains and on displays at stations.

Tokyo Metro is showing it to provide convenient information about the subway system to smartphone users.

Click here to see video.

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Awww he's so cute and pocket-size!

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I saw the video but what's there to comment. I prefer the TOKYO HEART commercials.

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If you’ve been riding in Tokyo’s subways recently, you have probably seen this video playing in the trains and on displays at stations.

Nope, totally missed out. Try operating the Hanzomon Line with actual Metro train sets?

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I must have hit nerves of some readers who may be commuters on the Metro who have to get on a packed train on a daily basis and tolerate it whether or not they like the train. I'm a casual rider and perhaps I was insensitive towards their perspective.

As a casual Metro rider, an app like that would probably help me get on the right train and make the most time/cost effective transfers. Also the idea of a station attendant on your palm top is an adorable and accurate analogy for this app.

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Neo...that's a great idea!

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This is awesome!! In tokyo, there are too freaking many trains go around everywhere so, it's very hard for new visiter to find the place where they wanna go. When I visited Tokyo 2 years ago, a foreigner asked me some place where he wanted to go. Since I was not familiar with Tokyo transportation, I could not tell him how to get the place. I wish I had the app at the time, then I coulda had one more facebook friend damn it.

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My bad, I was just poking fun at the fact that old Tokyu Corp trains are still running on the line I mentioned. There are actual new and old Metro train sets running on it. You might see trains with strange liveries sometimes because of the tracking rights by other railroad companies.

I wonder if this new smartphone tool will be an effective tool to navigate the network. The Metro network seems complex for non-Tokyo residents like myself who don't use the tubes often.

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For a jyn san year old girl I tend to comment late... good for u nihon

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I want to see the tv cm, this lady is hot!!

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