Viewers refute myth that black U.S. films, TV are poor exports


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Knocking down persistent myths, stereotypes and racial discrimination is a never-ending process. Keep on striving!

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"The rest of the world looks like America’s diversity. It does not look like Europe,” said Darnell Hunt.

Translation: The majority of the world is not white. Thanks, genius!

Most countries in the world have non-white majorities and have their own issues regarding racial discrimination. If the argument is that Hollywood needs to produce more media with non-white actors to represent the world, then Hollywood should include more portrayals of non-white groups oppressing other groups to accurately represent the world, right? Or, is diversity of race where we draw the line, whereas diversity of culture and worldviews going too far?

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TV shows with black leads are not hard to export. Just depends on how you portray a culture and if its relatable in a TV show. Some shows, regardless of the lead are hard because the cultural element embedded in TV shows. American law shows don’t make sense abroad.

Still the black lead part being a problem is a TV show higher up problem. Not the consumer.

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Easy answer - they aren't that good to watch in the first place, some of these shows might be a hit with certain demographics but over all they aren't that good.

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Back in the early 80's, shows like Benson and Diff'rent Strokes were popular all over the world.

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Thats really putting the knee down on black leads

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