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Vin Diesel and NBC plan 'Miami Vice' reboot


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How about... an original tv show!?

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Take a look at how many movies/tv shows are being rebooted- http://tvline.com/gallery/tv-reboots-revivals-full-list-photos/#!38/fame/

All I want is a reboot of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone.

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Lulz. That's great. I am actually watching the original right now for the first time!

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All I want is a reboot of Amazing Stories and Twilight Zone.

Besides the 1983 movie (directors included Spielberg, Joe Dante, John Landis and George Miller) there's been 2 reboots of the show so far. An mid 80s version which ran for several seasons and another effort some 15 years back which was cancelled after one season.

The best thing about the original Miami Vice was the brooding Edward James Olmos. And the natty threads.

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Here's an original idea that mixes in Miami Vice and the superhero craze. Black vice squad agent is ex-military. Was in a secret genetic engineering program to make super-SEALS. He's an expert martial artist and gunman (Deadpool-ish) but can breathe underwater and has lightning reflexes. His name? BARRACUDA. The Heart song is the shows theme song (similar to old classics brought to life with Gaurdians of the Galaxy). Give him a signature car, like the classic detective shows (Magnum P.I., Columbo, Rockford Files..). Which car? How about a prototype of the 2019 Plymouth Barracuda. http://www.allpar.com/cars/dodge/barracuda.html Boom. Not so difficult.

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Whole premise of the original was the south American coke connection.  diificult to see how that works now.  more topical would  e anew series called "Texas Wall".

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But why?

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