Von Trier targets #MeToo in shocking serial killer film

By Fiachra GIBBONS

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Looks like an interesting movie

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No thanks, not for me.

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Amazing this one made it into the JT next to the shark festival of films.

Not enough to take the crown from Busan intern.film. in my humble opinion.

How about that Polanski guy being hunted through the decades?

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Ban everything!

I will be watching it alone because there is absolutely no way my wife would ever watch this lol. Can't do horror or anything particularly nasty.

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As the killer Jack horribly mutilates one girlfriend, he says: "Why is it always the man's fault... If you are born male you are born to be guilty. Think of the injustice of that."

He later makes a wallet from her severed breast.

Seems like an interesting movie. Roger Friedman and the Hollywood Reporter may have some problems with the movie but I think that 'The House that Jack build' will be especially be a wonderful movie for the American audience as by far most serial killers operate or have been operating within the US of A.

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Von Trier is such a troll. I do like Melancholia, mind. Beautiful, sad and unsettling.

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