Warner Bros plans anime movie in 'Lord of the Rings' series


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At least it's an original film rather than a rehash of an old one... could be good

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Perhaps it is best to “give it to a Japanese director with a good track record” and thankfully, no preaching on current societal issues or the forced injection of intersectional politics.

Peter Jackson’s 90’s LOTR trilogy we’re ‘on point’ with the source material’. Those visions were all respectfully keeping to JTR Tolkien’s ‘pure fantasy’ mythos.

Those “Classics” are always a great for some ‘innocent escapism’ and “Entertainment”.

- Thanks, JT for some good news in the morning!

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I think audiences have had enough with milking this franchise.

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Reeeehash browns.

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Not another one!!! Give it a rest already! Enough with milking an old story over and over again! Think of something new! Fresh ideas is what needed! I hate all this remakes whatever the format, it is always compared to the original, and the original is always better.

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I will wait until it comes out to say anything, I am not optimistic seeing how current adaptations have resulted but I like what Kenji Kamiyama has done with Ghost in the Shell.

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