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Anne Watanabe to star in NHK's new morning drama


Anne Watanabe, 26, has been selected as the main character in NHK's new morning TV drama series, "Gochisosan," which will air from next fall.

The story depicts the life of a gourmet who marries into a family in Osaka and how she lives through the turbulent Taisho and Showa eras.

The script is written by Yoshiko Morishita who has written many popular TV dramas such as TBS's "JIN."

"I am very honored to be given this role," said Watanabe, whose father is accliamed actor Ken Watanabe. "It will be a long shoot, but together, with the great crew and my fellow cast members, I will be able to get through it."

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She is better in her antagonist roles.

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And this is newsworthy how???

-12 ( +2 / -14 )

@jojo - Yes, of course this is news. I appreciate JT giving us news from all sections of life - politics, economics, crime, sports, and entertainment too.

I am not interested in all of it, mind you, and what I have no interest in, I don't read. I do not assume that because I don't care about something, it's worthless. That would be condescending.

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Love her role in "Nakanai to kimeta hi". Gambatte Ms. Watanabe.

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wow.. it's hard to catch up with so many asadora!

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Relax jo jo. This aint about you.

4 ( +6 / -2 )


You're in the ENTERTAINMENT news section... it is entertainment news...

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She is very beautiful Same mouth as her dad though.

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And this is newsworthy how???

Do you ever happen to actually read the heading or title of the section that you are making your comments in?

Like this one is "Entertainment", and the last time I looked Ms. Watanabe was an actress AND entertaining folks for a living and the announcement of a new drama series is entertainment as well......,go figure huh?

FYI the following are the section headings here on JT......(Hope that helps!) HOME NATIONAL CRIME ENTERTAINMENT POLITICS BUSINESS TECH SPORTS WORLD FEATURES

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Her mouth is charming, i think!

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