Weinstein looms as Toronto fest talks Oscar lobbying, sexism


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Sarandon just sounds to me like she's whingeing because her preferred movies don't get up. When was it ever easy for small movies to win Oscars? One positive thing about the Weinsteins was that to some extent they changed that, but to mention "the Harvey Weinsteins of this world" now, in this context, is just going the smear.

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"I certainly hope that some people have adjusted their behavior and their thinking. But we've got thousands of years (of sexism) before this movie was made."

…..oh please, enough with the nonsense

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When somebody gets around to making a movie about Harvey Weinstein, if it's well done it should be extremely disturbing.

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I agree with Sarandon, it's unfortunate the attitude of the "old boys club" continues in the film business. Continuing to speak out about the issue is important and TIFF presents this opportunity. TIFF is focused on showing good films and letting the audience rate them through their People's Choice Award. The relaxed atmosphere at TIFF allows the industry to relax and reflect.

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Another words Susan Sarandon didn't win so she is blaming everything else except the fact she didn't act in great movie.

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