'West Side Story' rolls into Tokyo


The famous musical "West Side Story" rolled into Shibuya's Orchard Hall on Wednesday, featuring all the Broadway stars straight from New York. Tokyo is one of the many stops on the show's 50th anniversary tour, which has been highly acclaimed thus far on its tour through capitals such as London and Paris.

Actors such as Takeo Chii, 67, Baku Oowada, 58, and his oldest daughter Miho, 25, and flower arrangement artist Shogo Kariyazaki, 50, came to check out Wednesday's performance. The show runs until Aug 9.

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Gosh! About 49 years too late! I think I saw it on stage in London in 1961!

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I'd like to check it out. Bernstein's music is timeless.

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there's almost no tickets left already for the last weekend :(

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I bet it is a great show!

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Brings back nostaligia for the days when street gangs went at each other with switchblades instead of uzis with 30 round clips.

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I like to live in americaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....

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Great music and of course the themes of love and rivalry are timeless.

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