'Westworld' actress Evan Rachel Wood reveals she was raped twice


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She's a brave woman,who has been through terrible ordeals but has the strength of character to go public in order to support others.

A lot of people don't like to accept that rape is often committed by people who know the victim - a spouse, partner, lover, date, or friend,

Rape is one of the few crimes the victim has to prove their innocence, which should never be the case. And rape is one of the few crimes where due to the very few occasions that an accusation is false, people think it allows them to call all victims liars. I mean, imagine you are mugged, and you are told, "Well, someone lied about being mugged, so you must be lying too"? It does not happen. So why do some people think it's fine to doubt with victims of sexual assault?

It doesn't matter what the situation is - forcing yourself on someone, insisting on a sexual act, without their consent, or while they are incapacitated in any way - that is rape. There are no circumstances where rape is somehow excused by the victim's acts.

I wish Ms Wood and all survivors all the strength and support they need to have a happy, healthy life.

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Why doesn't she get them charged now then? She dated Marilyn Manson? strike line thru first question.

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Sorry but unless she provides more solid proof, I don't automatically believe these claims.

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...so was she assaulted by two women?

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I don't know why you guys are getting down-voted. Your comments are valid.

Sometimes, people are too eager to take "victims'" claims as proof. It may or may not have happened. But, that doesn't mean we should take these claims lightheartedly. We should take them seriously, and then investigate and verify their veracity. And, just because she is a woman doesn't automatically mean she was assaulted by a male. Come on, people. Get your heads out of the sand.

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When it comes to Hollywood people I give them near zero credibility unless there is proof. Her publicist probably said, time for some more exposure. If shes so high and mighty about it why doesnt she bring the individuals to justice, or at least name them???

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